Dressing Up For Thanksgiving This Year?

Since Thanksgiving will be smaller.. Will you be donning formalwear or sticking with pajamas?
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Dolly Parton and Michael Buble on Morning MAGIC!

David, Sue & Kendra talked with Dolly Parton and Michael Buble!
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Are More People Opting For Homemade Gifts This Year?

It appears that more people are opting to make gifts or buy "homemade" for the holidays!
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holiday decor

Too Soon Too Decorate For Christmas??

Yes its November 13th. Is it too soon to decorate for Christmas?
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Christmas Music Has Arrived ... David, Sue and Kendra Are Dressed For The Occasion!

Happy Holidays .... the Christmas music has arrived.
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How Are You Doing Black Friday This Year?!

Black Friday shopping will be a lot different (like everything else this year)....
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burnt turkey

Dont Worry About Burning The Turkey ... Turkey Insurance Is A Real Thing!

Whole Foods and Progressive teamed up to offer Thanksgiving turkey insurance!
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Christmas Music Is Coming TOMORROW!!

Get ready....... it's coming.... tomorrow morning at 6am!
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GETTING TO KNOW YOU: What Beverage Commercial Did Sue Tabb Star In?

Sue was in a commercial for an adult beverage when she was in her 20's... Which one was it?
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The "Wonderful" Words of 2020 ... Noooooooooooot.

Pandemic, Social Distancing, Quarantini ... to name a few.
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