What Did Your Trick Or Treat Bag Look Like??

David and Sue used pillow cases... Kendra had the McDonald's Happy Meal buckets!
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Of Course Our Pets Have A Favorite............

In David's house it's HIM... but in Sue's house, it's NOT HER...........
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Candy and Wine Pairing with Vinum Wine Owners Samantha and John Miller!

Wine and Candy ... two of our favorite things... so why not figure out how to have them together.
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Every Woman Knows.... There Are TWO TYPES of Athleticwear!

There's the fancier ones we wear to do errands ... and the ones we wear to be sweaty in.
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Happy National Cat Day to "SIXES" --- (The Official Cat Of The Morning Show)

Also the cat who watches David shower every morning.....
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GETTING TO KNOW YOU: How Many Halloween Costumes Does Kendra Have In Her House?

Kendra has kept all of her Halloween costumes... ALL OF THEM.
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OMG... Play-Doh For Grown Ups Is A Thing Now.

Play-Doh isn’t just for kids ANYMORE.........
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The Halloween Candy Is Already Being Eaten At David's House....

David bought Halloween candy yesterday and, well, the bags have already been opened.
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Happy Thanksgiving

To Have ... Or Not To Have Thanksgiving?

Are you having Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year?
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Wait........ I Didn't Know They Could Sing?!!!

David tests the ladies on surprise celebrities who can really sing!
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