The Million Dollar Red Light Light Question!

You get $1 MILLION dollars, but in exchange, you'd hit every RED LIGHT for the rest of your life..
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You Could Sleepover In The Worlds LAST Blockbuster!

There is ONE Blockbuster left ... and you can have a sleepover in the iconic store!
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We Moved Into Our New Studio!!!

Who likes moving??? Apparently Sue is the only one!
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Patricia Heaton on Exceptional Women!

Kendra talks with the Emmy winning actress from Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle!
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Shark Week's Joe Romeiro on Morning MAGIC!

Who's ready for Shark Week??!!
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Yes, Kendra ..... Eggs Expire..... OMG.

God only knows how long she's been eating bad eggs........
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David Took Sues Daughter Flying!

Well, she had a $600 back to school shopping spree and now Sue's daughter went flying with David!
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The Dad Bypass: When They Walk By .... And Go Straight To Mom!

When your kids walk around their father...through the house and down the street .... to find mom, and ask her a question.
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Hows Your Breath Under That Mask?

Hows your breath under that mask? Apparently people are noticing how bad their breath is....
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Sue and Emma

Sues Daughter Emma Called In... And OMG.... The Shopping List Is Insane!!

We thought it was bad... but OMG, Sue has no idea what she is in for today with the back to school shopping!
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