Monsters That STILL Scare Us.

Pennywise, Freddy, Michael Myers, Jason.... eEeeEeEeEek!
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TRICK OR TREATING IN 2020: Fire Pits, Full Size Candy Bars... and Martinis!

Yea this year we're going FULL SIZE CANDY......The kids, and adults deserve it.
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bowl for keys

Doesn't Everyone Have THIS.... For Their Keys and Wallet?

We all have THE SPOT for our keys... and wallet. But Apparently David isn't following the house rules.
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John Kinney - The Electrician Who Started Gloria's Gladiators- On Morning MAGIC!

John Kinney started a fundraising campaign to fix a house in Woburn for 72 yr old Gloria Scott. His goal? To make the house “safe” and “livable.”
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Gabby Barrett Interview on Morning MAGIC

David, Sue and Kendra talked via Zoom with singer Gabby Barrett!
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Join Sue Tabb For The Purses For A Purpose Virtual Event TONIGHT!

Sue is in her element! She is hosting the Women United "Purses for a Purpose" TODAY!!
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When You Go Food Shopping: LIST or NO LIST?

For the love of all things... someone please help Kendra with her grocery list...
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Today Is "Kindness 4 Colleen" Day - In Memory of Danvers Colleen Ritzer!

Today is Kindness For Colleen Day.....
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GETTING TO KNOW YOU: How Many Selfies Does David Have?

David has 42,000 photos on his phone but HOW MANY are selfies?
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Joey McIntyre On Morning MAGIC With David, Sue & Kendra!

David, Sue and Kendra talked with New Kids member Joey McIntyre about his new song!
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