The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown No Longer Airing On ABC... You'll Have To Pay To Stream It!

2020 strikes again... this time taking away Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang.
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What Will The Trendy 2020 Halloween Costumes Be?

The Coronavirus, Carole Baskin, Lysol Wipes.... A Mail In Ballot?
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To Watch Or Not To Watch ......... The Debate.

We are debating ... whether to watch The Debate.
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We Say Goodbye To TaB .... Not Sue .... The Drink.

2020 strikes again.
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David Broke Apples Record For Most Photos Saved On A Phone!

The previous record was 26,000 photos and David DOUBLED IT.
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Quarantine Purchases That We Regret!

David bought ANOTHER gadget watch, Kendra bought Egg Molds, and Sue thought she'd learn a new language.
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We Have Old Injuries That Keep Haunting Us....

A knee... maybe an ankle... perhaps a shoulder...
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Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers on Exceptional Women!

Kendra talked with the actress and co-creator of Fashion Police!
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Is Gracie The Puppy Getting Her Own Instagram?

Sue is determined that WCVB's Cindy Fiztgibbon has one for her puppy....
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How Are You Listed In Your Spouses Phone?

Is there a funny nickname, or code name? ... Or are you ICE?!
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