If Its FREE, Kendra Will Find It.

Since it's National Donut Day ... and you can get a FREE one... Kendra is all over it.
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SOMEONE Is Always Listening.................... Always.

Be careful what you say.... or what you search for... because THEY will hear it!
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Who Are The "Tech Fixers" In Your House?!

When the WiFi goes out, or the cable isnt working... who is the "fixer?"
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Theres A Food Processor Stand Off In Davids House Right Now!

David's wife bought him a Food Processor 15 years ago ... and its been in UN-USED the basement until NOW.
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OMG ... We Are Spending 19 Hours A Day On Screens!

Most people are spending almost the entire day on screens!
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The Final Night of The Dinner Switch Off In Sues House!

The FINAL night of the Dinner Switch Off goes to Sue's daughter Katie and Taco Night!
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What Is The Sound In Kendras Basement........

Since Kendra is in her boiler room ... when SOMEONE is in the shower, the water heater goes off and its LOUD.
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North Shore Cancer Center's Susan Lausier on Exceptional Women!

Sue and Kendra talked with Susan Lausier, of the North Shore Cancer Walk about their 30th Anniversary walk going VIRTUAL!
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Kendra Has Some New Pets.... Fish.

Well there are some new additions to Kendra's house.....
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What Will Coming Back To Work Look Like ... For Most ...

When we all start crawling back into the office . ... .will you use the Vending Machine like Kendra?
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