What Is THAT SMELL Coming From The Fridge??

David found rotting potatoes, Kendra found leftover beans and Sue found a completely mold-encrusted onion!
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Kendra Found The Best Avocado-Saving Kitchen Hack!

We our listeners about their best "kitchen hacks" ...and wow did they respond.
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Dr Myechia Minter-Jordan on Morning MAGIC!

Sue talked with Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan, President and CEO for the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement and Catalyst Institute.
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Is This Neurotic or Normal Parent Behavior?

Do you frantically call your kids every time you see an accident (and you know they are driving)?
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wooden spoons

David Broke The News To Kendra That She Needs To Throw Away Her Wooden Spoons!

Apparently Wooden Spoons are gross... but of course, Kendra refuses to throw hers away!
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Al Roker Talks With David and Kendra on Morning MAGIC!

David and Kendra quizzed America's Weatherman on these funny weather phrases!
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Working From Home ....Until January 2021?

Many employers are delaying their in-office start dates ... which means, zoom calls and pajamas until January?
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Kendra Shared A Really Sweet Moment She Had With Her Son Noah This Morning!

She heard her son calling her name at 4am, and when she went to see what he wanted, she got the best surprise!!
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Doing Home Projects As A Couple....Never Goes Quite As Planned.

We THINK we can be like Chip and Joanna Gaines.... but that never seems to be the case....
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When David and Kendra Talk To Their Pets... THIS Is What They Sound Like....

Does your voice go up, like 3 octaves (like David) when you talk to your pets??
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