Food Hacks You Need To Know About!!

Avocados in paper bag... glass of water next to cold pizza in the microwave... and so much more!
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What Are You Snacking On While At Home?

So many snacks.... so much time!
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First Night Of The Dinner Switch Off.... Goes To Toms Shish Kabob!

First night of the DINNER SWITCH OFF goes to Sue's husband Tom...
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A Sip In The Kitchen!

A Sip in the Kitchen will take place on Thursday, June 11th at 7:00 PM!
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The Dinner Switch Off!

In Sue's house, she is officially passing the dinner baton to EVERYONE ELSE.
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Rachel Glazer, CEO of Rachel G Events on Exceptional Women!

Kendra talked with the CEO of Rachel G Events on keeping her business and celebrations going during a pandemic!
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sue land

Keeping Up With The Tabbs!

David and Kendra tease her all the time - and now we have Sue's landscapers on the phone!
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Doom Scrolling ... Its Hard Not To Do It...

Its so hard to NOT look at the news cycle on your phone....
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Did You Watch The Space X Launch?!

With all the chaos happening in the news cycle... there was a SPACE LAUNCH!
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Since Sue And Kendra Never Passed Guppies - David Gave Them A Pretty Funny Swim Test!

Treading water, diving...opening your eyes under water.... Sue and Kendra cant do it.
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