The Living and The Dead...Episode 21: Paul Vigna, Author, The Anatomy of The Walking Dead

Wednesday, October 18th

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue, Hish Fayed are so excited for the return of The Walking Dead, Season 8 this Sunday on AMC!!!  Paul Vigna is our special guest today...he's a zombie expert and reporter for The Wall Street Journal, and has just written an amazing book


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. A podcast from magic 106 point seven. Welcome group living and the dead our podcast it's a special edition because we're all excited about the beginning of season eight. This weekend I knew what I'll be doing this Sunday to mark Lawrence alarm when Morgan and he should we are here to talk about the Walking Dead. And we have a special interview. I am still excited to this. Nothing like and other Walking Dead and hurt to join the rooms that's perfect this is a very special weekend the start of the new season of the Walking Dead and we got a special guest for an interview Paul. Vigna the Wall Street Journal's zombie expert he's written a new book. Which is called guts the anatomy of the Walking Dead it's out this month it is the perfect way to get yourself immersed into the new season high ball. Or sorry. We're doing good this week impose is not only going to be the start of a new season but the 100 episode of the walking did do you think it's gonna. Barge it's windier top ten episodes list. All I have to type list men at a harvest to crack. I depend Carville it's gonna make it I don't know I would hope something at least one thing you know this he's in makes that list. You know they did that a pretty good job throughout the years of the telling good stories. But I don't know that my listed I kind of like where my list is right now. You list as a good one. You mentioned you mentioned in the book fans saying if Darrell dies we write it. Is Darryl really immortal in the show what makes him different from Glen nor Herschel some of the others who have not been immortal. Why do I know he's he's not a more mean what does it look I mean I think the thing that really makes this show work. Is the idea that anybody could die. I think there's debris in Darryl is you know who rioted because the characters become so popular. I you know he's good character and character within local men my Bil Mexico and a couple day you know right. He's like Lancelot to Rick Grimes you know I think he's a great character and I think that's what people say. You know if he dies you write but oh my god he could die of course he could die I mean any character on the show that there have been at least a couple of times like putts. All right god they are actually going to kill Rick this is it's really happening. And then they hit. But I you know get anybody absolutely unique character on the show except for I have to be honest. I don't think we shown callable I would say it is what character who was just threw appears story in points on kills more I think it's national I don't think anything until. First of all this is more again and if Darrell dies I personally will riot. Exactly an advantage advocate ever order by a super fan 1990 him. Yeah. Now this is a he's shown here and I have to ask you I come out of all the characters why Amy shown is and kill Opel because actually had somebody else on the list but it. And I would like to hear your take. Well I don't think I drive two characters that I that I that I personally think are on capable. I think Judith because I just don't think the writers would really go that far it's to particular incident on I think even for this show would turn fans off too much. So I think just kind of from a practical standpoint they're they're not going to let that happen. But from you know story standpoint I don't know and then were shown to all dimensions to the ultimate warrior. She's she is sides can't be cured. Yeah it's you know good rational reason for explaining it a couple of commercials but look what you dozens. And capable. I lovely view until it it doesn't scare you that you know all of our Rick's former. Lovers have you know being killed off and now she's Rick's lover. Breyer right Rory just terribly just seems to me that was rough as long after that it be on and it. Yeah I mean you know yes there's there is that pattern but I mean Maureen and jets were not national c'mon guys. Rights to shadow I know world and ordered him speak here I would much left. Absolutely studios. Mission. You were speaking of kids and in the in the book you bring up the little girl who's the first character in the first episode. And you mentioned in there that they are never actually called zombies in the show I guess I never noticed that but it's true. That at children have a a special chilling effect zombies and as survivors in Russia to. Oh yeah yet that the political hold opiate of the premiere of the pilot episode. That that scene where Rick is picking up gas and. He comes across this little girl for eight or nine years old time in and cheese he turns around and she's a zombie. And it's terrifying yet poverty and children. On the children on these are wreaking zombie children are ten times we hear so. I guess that was just and it's instinct that I interviewed actress who played her. And originally that was just gonna be seen inside the episode and they realized that it was so chilling and so kind of table settings that they moved back to the very beginning. So there's something freaky about children and that we all know mean. Children do die on this show us you know just these two sons both died to be amiga the other girl is is my god it's almost hard. Wrenching episode yet so many children do dying. Acute that maybe he just I don't know they can do it to a pretty. Maybe it shouldn't laugh a little longer think they might get it wolf but right now I just I don't think I can think people would be so. Just upset that since people upset I'm sorry it's pathetic that baby can't do it. She's frankly the only future on the show for the next generation to come along so. Right newbie like giving up all hope. Although all worry you know not org Maggie. You know mega bank pregnant that's usually not showing. Negotiate what think about it like this seeded sixth was probably kill time. That might have been two weeks. Yeah Ernie thank god that was really really content dump a lot of storytelling in a condensed amount of time. So under what name you look at it like oh my god special look at all it's ridiculous but exactly kind not ridiculous. You reminded me of when when the show started they have women doing the laundry typical woman things. And now the Arab leaders in killer is and in an apocalypse these things really change. Oh yes yeah and I think that's that's. One thing that. Again it's another kind of way in which this show reflects. Who we are right now and it Terry Kay hill who plays this is one of warriors in the Kingdome. She's Diane in the kingdom is the bow. And I talked urge you native humiliation point about pieces you know piece of what I I grew up in places where. You know like in Montana and yes I grew up where your gender didn't matter what mattered who was what you could do. And this show has become bad in the world that these people have been has become that. And what matters is what you can do way and so a lot of these you know women and you're right the very first couple episodes there. Describing the laundry in their copying and complaining about it they're griping about it till. I date has become. Leaders and warriors and fighters and the other deal could I think stated up for themselves you know waited most of us couldn't do in reality. And him back he has become the de facto leader of one of the community of Hilltop. Because she has the capability that it it's and that kind of reflects where we are right now as a culture. It's true for gender and race and all kinds of things just sort of yeah help melt away all the differences that we see now the just all disappear. In the new world. And I think this show does a good job of not making a point of fact. You know lake just you know saying look at us were politically correct and knew we we love everybody now they just know these people in there and they let them do it. And I and I think that's sensitive a credit to the writers that they're doing something. That is actually important and reflective of where we are the economic point deficit. Paul it's it's obvious from the book that you are a big fan of the show but you're also a critic. I think you would say the show's biggest failure was the cliff hanger with Glen being caught in the Alley in the parallel zombies. And and then you also said that could've been one of the finest moments. Yeah how are you mean that the part that I wrote an entire chapter yeah. Yeah. You know I mean he's just going in the Alley to revive it to this day tribes in the wall. One because I think they broke their own rules in in the waiting out and survive I don't think it was believable. They fall into a pit of hundreds hobbies and not one of them to bite humans scratches them. But just also would that disappointed me so much of doubt it was yet that those first three episodes as he thinks really tell the story of. Them finding this quarry full of walkers and the attack of these maniacs doubles. On Alexandria. Those first three episodes where she got tremendous there were great they are this sort. It was almost you know kind of showing you what's happening it was just from them I mean I just remember watching them and as. On the edge of my people literally you know what's gonna happen and everything is going wrong and it's terrible and Rick planned all the part of the war the kind of duplicate hacked his dying. And went to try to save the whole situation it ends up but it Ali surrounded by walkers and he is going to die and that is. Very techniques. That is very real and it's horrible habit by good diet that would destroy it went and that's where this story should have gone and he sort of deep and the next day I wrote an article. That got you know just ridiculous traffic they have to do or say notably that debt. And I said Andrew I have to admit a little bit you know. Although. I did look fancy did get over. And of course that was wrong and everybody kills me over it up. Should have been dead that's what the story was going and it just it drives me crazy because they were doing this great story and the Pope will work out from under us I just thought it was a real eye. I'm I'd look. Yes I love the show I thought that was a real failure of I really thought that they they did something bad there. And then they went to kill them off anyway. And then they care about anyway right where he can. You know it's quite easy if you look at Glenn over the years it's really extinct they're always. Teasing blind deaf Politico always wondered like oh my god going to die now it's all the guys about it but he. They are doing it for the longest time and you know it's just crazy to his death is it actual that this so iconic moment in the graphic novels. People for years that I don't read graphic novel like don't read it had I wanna watch the show people for years are telling me about it even I don't want to thank you everyone spoiling sport. Com. That you don't feel we complain we took landed deep into the bat by you know so it was this telegraphed the moment that everybody seems to know about. Our social why why have this week being we've you know you're gonna kill later in this incredibly important moment like why do. What why do this will be ready to see. It's just what he wasn't necessary and it really do in my right in my. Estimation just keep people filled the narrative momentum that they were building it and that's why just as a writer that's why did I hated so much. Paul vigna your book is called cups it's a great epic that's a great introduction to the season. Season eight which starts this weekend you have a prediction for the season. Opener in the house and how the way it's gonna turn out and your book. What do you say. We know. It and you don't I don't predicts. I hope I hope so guys like I am I in a militant. Anti spoiler person I excitement I don't want things spoiled for me I don't wanna spoil it for people I enjoyed the show I want people enjoy it also. Even if I do everything that was gonna happen. I would tell you guys not a single word I looked online have been I won't even tell you if I'd like it or not I don't wanna Holler be uniquely for people. So all I can tell you is that this this book covers the first seven seasons in exhaustive debts and I have no idea what is gonna happen on Sunday. We're all waiting to find out thank you ball. I think you guys are the stakes again Paul vigna. The Wall Street Journal's zombie expert his book again called cuts the anatomy of the Walking Dead and if you'd like to know more about it. And how to get a free yourself we got the information on the podcast page. Magical and 67 dot com.