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Tuesday, January 2nd


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Me. Things at this button here just returns alone because I don't remember how I feel trapped deep mr. O'Leary if I remember I do mean the thing I can't be the only one. Now to work after the holiday break I think everyone's just enough yet to actually going waving I had no idea that's I love you. Aborting magic 106 point 72 days hits yesterday's favorite could say that again on the Christmas music. But diet sites they got here it's one reason time from ads won a six point 74. The first church Tuesday about the new year I'm doing great Dana candor is doing great she had fantastic callers. Sued is. She's on the ledge to racists who is at any moment could completely just spontaneously. Come bust the gas so if you want a reason to wake up this morning you can listen to me slowly unravel on the airs the show progresses and Marty breaking out in hives both my girls are having surgery and we should say I mean. Categorized to certain style. Designer threatening snack. And then I. Consoles it deviated tapped on but still search still it's surgery like yak I'm Iraq they've never had anything like this before broken arms or stitches or never and never anything like that and so I already I get hives on my neck when I search get nervous and I can feel already to hide scum I know you guys are gonna enjoy this but I'm Iraq we know that they're getting great care there and again just time. And we will hold enjoy watching use Florian I want consequently as the as the one of the kids are gonna be absolutely fine we know this is this is the case and you're gonna be just fine too just to chip. I don't know couple something with a little extra additive in it this morning yeah my husband so com he begged me not to come with him this morning because they're getting prepped later this morning and then I'm gonna ran over and meet them at the hospital. I'm meeting them over there after the show. He begged to mean all I can see how that conversation not. I'm since it will do fine without checking to better with Kutcher just days seriously wanted to stay away I got this. I have a story can tie you in a later break about how I unravel when my kids go to like a hospital in an emergency room now you have no idea was ordered out of the realm and we've seen unraveling welcomes you sort this could be you know practices that we haven't seen Jessica. We're all with yeah 1000% we know the girls are going to be Katie and I know that analysts are they arts in the fog. We get he has got to do just fine and we're gonna take great care your mother about a with the next couple. Tells me to. For a Tuesday. Plus six point seven today since yesterday's news.