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Tuesday, January 2nd


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The conversation about the New Year's resolutions and I know you'll make them years to perfect what you or I am not bad it's not fair I just can't ever live up to have moved almost impossible question this morning kind of relates to New Year's resolutions that he may Camille wanna hang onto the 650 almost impossible question with tickets seem Maroon 5 at TD garden that's coming up by about 20/20 five minutes to process. Point seven. We were all watching this and still say you learn fast and really understand slow motion train wreck on New Year's Eve. I wanna hear what you had what was when you thought that I'd ending it happened it was quite a train wreck at this time that president train wreck but I was gonna ask if you have any hot tea this morning at nine. Instantly when I had my phone nearby in my life and my daughter and I were all watching Mariah Carey instantly went to look at your hot tee was trending of course it was took like 152 I suppose you're the morning shape for medical six point seven was sponsored by Bridgewater state university what are we talking about I. Ira David I agree with most people Mariah Carey's second chance but much better than last year after her epic mishap at New Year's draft need last year Mariah did make sure our. She made a big comeback. And according to most fans she did not disappoint I was watching it I thought she did a good job she's saying not one but two upper big hits including vision of love and hero. She joked that she did not have her hot tea in between songs were short joking residential Internet on I yeah. On fire immediately it was trending now they she was saying that she was joking no I don't think she was joking. Icing is waiting to see the joke. Was what did you see later when she posted the picture of her in a trailer sipping hot team in hand she posted a self feel herself having hot tea later which I thought showed a little bit of humor a little self awareness doubles with him. At the time now options. And she wasn't that cold because she had her coat open in a very low cut drastically cut outs down to her navel yet so I'm wondering where their key here's either side turf I hope that loaded around the stage loaded she doesn't even shivering and she's sitting there looking out of the crowd like I mean what are you looking and out in the cold bad look pretty cool those who got playing the piano lies in the sooners were directed on her I'm sure our best work it's there it's not that that's a there's no T for that neither the paper Boston native Maria menu nose got married over the weekend after nineteen. Years. With her boyfriend Kevin undergone thorough she tied the knot on Sunday night. Right in the middle at Times Square on live TV is part of Fox's New Year's Eve with Steve Harvey she said it was difficult to find down based on the freezing Temps. So her down came with a matching lace detachable copes with the dramatic train perfect for the freezing Temps in Times Square it. Congratulations to her she's Medford is Medford has made an effort right gap and I the last day of the calendar year Star Wars the last gen I has surpassed Beauty and the Beast as the top grossing film in North America. In 2017. According to studio estimates the last Jack has made. 517. Mile dongle. But feuding beast is a close second I I need to mention they've made 504. Million for the year. And finally it's officially a party of five and Jessica Alba households she buckled her third child with husband cash Warren. A little brother they are you have two little girl. 629. Let's get to magic traffic when he needed with thirty seconds away from a Maroon 5. It's that's Traficant we do this Tuesday morning to you what we're back at it and boy it looks like get the volume is increasing her really quickly out there expressway north by now about a 25 minute ride. Heaviest from granite avenue to Columbia route 93 south this low through the end overstretched. And we have a left plane accident in Redding just before 129. And an earlier accident in Woburn that Mondale lab is now lot of their but you back to 62. 95 southbound 128 years I won 29 approaching the 93 clover leaf three north hang up right around route eighteen. We've got just 650 almost impossible question it's coming right up you're listening to morning magic.