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Wednesday, January 3rd


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One reason time that's when a 6 point 7 morning Mexican consumed came here to we think are one reason this today. A tall boy were bracing for it looked what do. Bernard will you be heading to market that's exactly what time when you have to the grocery store for the bread and milk are yet and now I have to go today can. Definitely have to go but so does everybody but when I go I get a couple of things because there's no way he ever going to be sort of shut down for more than today I mean. This is New England the road to be cloud the second feds now stops why don't we not gone in the covered wagon you know. Cost the Rockies to the young people go and made that I like they're gonna be hunkered down in in their you know basement for when he detainees are like what do you need. I'll be among them I mean I can resist I tell myself I'm not gonna do it and last I looked around and ask them. Right full tank of gasoline negative market basket get sultan and I tell you what else would be really crowded should act puts up the liquor stores. Well yeah I think because people know they get a free day tomorrow we're gonna if I don't tomorrow he'll get into work tomorrow tomorrow's going to be one of those days where. Where people will go if you can work from home you're gonna work that's exactly right. Talk at this time to mark 24 hours from I was bears win it's kind of supposed to really start and then by 9 AM tomorrow morning in the morning drive it's going to be terrible. Outside where I guess it's the winds and I think that's we're talking about this that's what classifies a storm is a blizzard is this is the high winds and that's the thing the visibility. It's snapped a lot of cost new englanders are afraid of driving in a few inches of snow but with the forty to fifty Mallon our winners we. You can't see if it's so dangerous right. And then you as we've mentioned after your second ago there's a terrible crack up in I think it was buffalo looks like seventy or 75 cars involved people just can't see in the analogue line inventories. And so yes it will be stuck here today and thanks for the little known about him the package concept of extra stuff does work from home when colonial is tracking it opened fire around noon exactly we're so graduate this is magic 106 point seven print tickets to see Maroon 5 that's our prize this morning. For the 650 almost impossible question which we will get to bounce restrictive enough right now. Did you out the door for Wednesday so yeah. I lost only kind now. Most news in the morning magic 106 point seven performing.