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Thursday, February 1st

Get Valentine's Day tips for your special someone this year!


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Will Valentine's Day is not too far away and that means a lot of people are gonna be thinking about how to celebrate today. Without breaking the bank and possibly your heart call. Well Boston financial advisor nor use if he's here with us again give us some ideas about. How to keep those Valentine's Day costs down Norah welcome once again. Thank you Nancy doesn't he's gotten so expensive apparently couples are spending close to a 150 dollars a person which is crazy. What's going on here. Well yes that is crazy and I think they love can make it Ukraine beat Spain but it's important you keep a budget in mind and speak about not default for the retailer master plan and remember Valentine's Day is not about how much you can spend it but while much showcasing that you care. Yes you know it when it comes to roses especially noticed that they really jacked up the prices. Yes they do like you know regular roses are left upright video over the long camera it is. So say it again that there are things like carnations are lilies which are great Haley there much cheaper they last longer than relative scale. Look the park lane which ever Larry you choose where to the line of how of them delivered at work. Well interestingly like EC. What really get pregnant bank for your buck that way have a co workers talking about that's nice kind demonstrate that you sent over this. Don't tell me now what are some fun but less expensive gift ideas that will still allow you to have a fun day. Yeah Alfred can't you know. I'd say you're likely going to drop some dollars in the name of love that but you wanna make sure you're speaking to allow language or your partner direct then. The value. If they d'alene quality time skip the big red fluffy bearing go for a long locked together. Our devalue acts of kindness and bring your partner breakfast in bed to go with other ideas for get down on the sentimental side you have considered speaking to the Stanley get them at the what would be meaningful or sentimental perhaps. You know having an old picture that grandparents' brains. He also you wanna be looking for discounts on DL apps and web sites two weeks before Valentine's Day a lot of news the way it's tight we'll have great promotions floating around to get your dollars on the comments. Chocolate dinner and black market. What I like about it is they're very creative ways to do things you don't have to do the typical. That's exactly right is there a lot of great personal life Asian web sites out there for less expensive get like nine different things that work nice perk. If parents and other loved ones as well as for the car at its. Might I am I count up all holidays thank handwritten note expressing your feelings vs buying a generic car at the store. We'll also squeeze the major points that they beat the box. Now let's talk about dinner because a lot of times that going out to dinner thing that can really add up you go to a fancy place tied. There's gonna be other ideas when it comes to spending time with your loved one in dinner. Yeah there sure are you going out to dinner Valentine's they have what can be priced at a premium and are an act often have that prefix menus they'll. It sandy just Valentine's Day following in the middle of the week and have dinner over the weekend where they'll have the normal menus and number fourteen the south. We're going to have worked the next day making dinner at home it's practical and can be romantic. You can she is an area of how he hardly ever use like as. But in front of the fireplace or that formal dining room you hardly use and the best part of all is that there are no lines. No parking hassles and you don't have to worry about the PGA. You make a lot of sense Norah. Dario said is a financial advisor here in the Boston area and it's always a pleasure to talk to you anytime man they collect to be here happy Valentine's Day same tier.