Justin Timberlake Selfie Kid

Monday, February 5th


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One big winner from the Super Bowl last and it came from New England app was selfish kid yes he he looked. I don't think the days done do you know what to do is on his phone here look at Justin Timberlake he's looking at a B look at the way yet it's like anything down now like Tug at your life changing inside of a half of the second he's on Good Morning America right now as we speak I thought it was a plant first I thought oh he must the most talked a matter of time now. Often must have been people look at it doesn't suit my appears gonna saying when he says stands next you make you guess for the but the kid had. She would get absolutely no idea what was going on down yeah. All have braces and that I can't middle school thing going he's coming amazing seventh grade his name's Ryan McKenna and now you know I'm sure he's going to be the popular kid it's cool front two point pixel first well he's got the Super Bowl yeah. What she's already got you started this in school today because he's at the Super Bowl yeah in Minnesota. It's a pretty good seats as it turns out yep. And then to be he's instantly I mean I mean I don't know exactly enjoy the show gets me just to go like this morning just Google softly kid during the afternoon searching on Twitter. And you'll see all these means that people have got to put together yet we had left shark now we itself because. They don't fight he was wearing a Sunday river T shirt you have lectured at the game right it's a Sunday river got all accounts promotion which makes them very. How dare PR people are doing a dance this morning they gave him seasons tickets to Sunday river because I mean look at all the publicity that Adam over that's it for what he's thirteen needs it's it's so cute to watch and he he was just interviewed he still looks Don -- he does the ticket deer in the headlights like I've no idea what happens if I was just a regular old thirteen year old. Yesterday and now here I am like a celebrity that he's back in next year's Super Bowl and one of the commercials or something like countless shark who sort of you know we heard from last week's Oakland. After. Back in the limelight congratulations Brian McCann.