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Tuesday, February 6th


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One reason John mentioned wanna six point seven net 544. Or is it as much as the Super Bowl loss stings and the moon stereo. You know for the patriots and for their fans. I'm new here and it's a member of the New England Patriots and I bet it's not the when you think always it is practicing the story about. A gentleman named Bernard reedy. Who's that a player for the New England Patriots and in addition to playing practicing keeping up the schedule with the pats he's got a job. Driving. Elderly people around wheelchair bound people around Florida where he lives for eleven dollars an hour yes. Don't you love that he's going back to that job some day yeah. See that's the thing I love that and and it's I think it's a service called Kara I mean it's people who are either you know handicapped in some way elderly and I can turn drives the strokes heart attacks organ trail all that stuff. Yes he drives them like back and forth their appointments or whatever. And I mean that's something that you have to do. He probably has to get up early he probably has to be I mean on a schedule all and this I could sit and eat bomb bonds all Batman you know here's the take treatment. Super often drives you know folks ran for eleven dollars and now just because he likes the interaction I presume and think she's doing good work which is really really true absolutely like just giving back like now it's time to give back to to do that. I would hope so here you are we seeing yourself I'm not person that would do that it's hard to say an Asher in that situation and I hope would be that person. We know we don't play for the New England Patriots were meant economists expect them but there's no Kramer in the in the coffee machines I'll start off top stars don't. Langley and all that I gotta just take a pill and relax read that reset. 546 is we get you out the door for a Tuesday morning more tickets at this point we've got tickets to see journey and Def Leppard. They're exactly hear bands are coming eighties bands touring together. Back to Fenway Park to have that right candy tell dormant or wrong I believe it may be Holland notes today it is hall oh yeah we don't get that Roger definitely. Different sort of shout that's what to attorney Jeff look at that tonight tomorrow yeah yeah Holland notes your ride home notes on train at the extended Eason gentle and that's against and we of the almost impossible question ultimately. And that's your job to do with them today since yesterday's fifty the most music in the morning. There's magic in six points.