Gronks House Got Robbed

Tuesday, February 6th


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Rob Gronkowski is not so great week continues. Karzai news story isn't. It really hands I mean it's got enough he's been dealing with a concussion he got cleared of that penny goes to the Super Bowl they lose and now. Acts of police investigating possible break in at Rob Gronkowski house and then. While he was gone in store for a week and a half Seattle Minnesota with the teams. Which contribute like that and cleaning people learn. Somebody there at the house from time to time to check a stocky left of the place empty I don't know but I just I am worried like what about you Super Bowl rings and all that. Memorabilia out like some of that stuff is not really replace about I'm I'm rat come pick where do you know where. What if anything has been been taken the completion still there now they get team just got home yesterday can imagine you fly home from. The super bull which can lose you all beat up your hurt your AT and all that. Yeah a long flight back to. Boston Providence and drive the stadium and drive home and you get your house and senate where -- give every house broken and yes I did when I was in high school we had our house broken into it is the worst feeling in the world knowing people were rifling through not any olive it's just awful. But it's hard to believe that Kron didn't have like the best security system out there that he didn't have stuff in states like I wonder. Hasn't come out yet what they got a I wonder that they got because. It will then think clay. You wonder what they gonna do it like remember a couple of years ago Tom Brady shortcut stolen from the locker room again. After it was stolen and took a little time took a couple of months but they suddenly they've found video of the guy walking on the big tracked it down so whatever the stuff is Super Bowl rings are signed. You gotta imagine it's gonna be hot property for a little while they may have some trouble selling at a medium being on the markets. Hopefully they'll track you down and check a person's down. I hope so I'm just I'm Iraq forehand and I don't have anything in my house it's even does anything. I numb right there with them on notice it more about feeling like she's not yet locked up in a 400 pound safe in the basement or anything like that well.