Drama In The Patriots Locker Room

Wednesday, February 7th


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I think we all have friends think about who is a person or the couple in your life that no matter what his. It happening in this in the world around this particular person or this particular a couple of there's always drama there's so much stuff it's never just. A night out to have a drink there's always likes it's a big productions over stuff going on right yeah have you ever that's I've missed a sister like that. Where it's always animals are good friends like that towards him and now. The patriots are that different fish for all of us right they the world how I'm not happened so. Quickly I need to know I feel like it started with the whole thing where they are saying there was tension between. Belichick and Brady and then it's escalated from there are now we have the whole Malcolm Butler thing we have to halt. I Josh McDaniels staying in I don't even know where to start. That's a good point that it it it was like a month ago I guess it wasn't that long ago and it's just hard to keep a lid on that suffered its really going on but that was surprising to hear that. This is political Rob Lowe got traded so good maybe a couple of months back print but for the Brady and Belichick and Kraft that they are all that knowledge in different agendas and that kind of thing. And never totally bought into that and know people who did. What I did neither but. Now Malcolm Butler he he posted that statement saying he did not break team try to cobble a block. And who goes to his defense right away but Tom Brady Brady the first team member to like it and comment saying that he supports himself. All the sad and I'm gone maybe there is trouble in paradise between Belichick and Brady because in the past he would've never sort of done that. I like wade in an almost taken aside there. I mean I do I just find it hard to believe that this is how this is how they gonna play this out this like liking and Harding little instantly imposed. And Tom Brady debate in the greatest of all time. That's how he's gonna communicate with the world news by commenting on the poster Malcolm Butler put on. On mr. Graham and Kendra you're the one with the patriots tattoo. Returning mustache right here we must yes I mean and that's only like one of like three or four things going out with the team now. Yes I think there's something going on for Brady to take every public side like that and you. But his name to a comment and like it's something that you know everybody's talking about 100 Belichick reminded it's sort of a negative against Belichick. He didn't have to write anything he could have just like the post but to like it in and say something it just adds all the conspiracy is something going I guess spending. It's going to be some time before we know what the hell happened with Malcolm Butler at the end belly check and I'm hoping with a super also setting that aside. On top of all of that Josh McDaniels who everybody logs are brits is good things about him he was gone. And now he's not he's game. Right right now people are speculating that ballot chapel retire in a year channel right and that he's been promised back chop the head coaching jobs so. There's just. I mean there's so much to talk about how to how to even I don't know a whole lot about the inside workings of you know the patriots organization but certainly them. Film and beyond. It is something like this something that there's a picture I shot in the news this morning it's kind of grainy and it's not a focus and it's from a 150 feet away of dinner last night between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick can be seen that yet no no yeah there's a picture of the two they had dinner last night. And it's you know clearly they're having. And a very. Real close quarters sort of conversations in the restaurant from room where I must take the picture about. I just imagine there's a list of things that they're going over that they had to do it my judgment on Malcolm Butler Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski gives a house gets robbed. The guns in the safe you know are gone and half. One thing after another for the team that we don't susceptible but in children love to to be a fly on the wallet back conversation. Of Nolan Nolan now. There are paid. Texans 45 and good morning so is on the way it's gonna happen through midday and then rain for a late today 25 now. They almost impossible question next magic 106 point seven.