Moving The Infamous Messy Pile

Wednesday, February 28th


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Troubles in the home not for me for us in tab and her husband Tom all because what did you him he moved your stuff it's the piles. It's beep hi LI college. The ongoing pile argument because I have a pile of papers in my kitchen and I don't have a lot of clutter it's a very small little pile off to the corner in of the counter. And it's things that need my attention like I don't know like if I have a doctor's appointment that ain't a follow up on if I format to fill out of that Billick to pick. And I my pack. Every day it's there like Mike to do list. My husband doesn't like looking at the pile. So he opens our John torrent it's the pile in the juncture. And then every day I take the pile I don't and put it back on the counter and there are no words spoken this is all just unwritten. Thing it's just like an unspoken I should say argument couple questions yeah how. Big of a pile overtime and figure pop exercisable into one piece of paper only taller it's. Yes it is only criticized the footprint of it is innate in half by eleven piece of paper put it. Probably saw how high. There's never more than like ten things. So it's attached to which is they. What now does the contents of the pile change you knew that going in also of going out which he doesn't realize that setting him it's the same pile that's been their for the last ten hour around him yeah. And that he thinks that it's just this pile that is never but the pilot is constantly being change and throwing things away and adding things to the pile there is a message might baton and just so we're clear. He comes in you're you're already home from work he comes in from work he's co two things all of the falcons and sees the pile. Goes right to the pile. Fixture pile up. Opens the door puts it and and and it's no go zone is you know he doesn't and I'm not looking I a lot of them bro if I'm out of the room I go upstairs I'm in the bathroom all of a sudden the pile district that went in and what do you say use our ability guess they don't answer. You don't say anything I wouldn't go over to where the pilot is because you know where it is. You open the door teach them how you put it back you wanna hear what it sounds like so I open up the draw are and I don't. Gingerly placed pile bass and counter I do that. Act like it's today here. It's not pile of what couples want to couples do this the don't have aggressive thing what you just talk about what you bring unknown and not know words are spoken. Now oh it's the piled disappears reappeared and there's anything I can hold a grudge and you guys she's like therapy or whatever we need to do you guys talk about those to solidify ten couples they just. Yeah have you black belt in the past aggressive. Tanya Bob I'll see you in the pot. Pies vause for us to go.