Sue Finally Gets a Dishrack

Thursday, March 1st


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That's gross is conservative and since grown woman it's a gift to your adult. And so again it's somehow Kendra and I Sheen June. Into changing the way that you do your your domestic U bully me responsibilities at home bully me into buying a dish track at least and dental is a big work here. I know how completely he didn't have one. I missed that whole part of the companies shouldn't apparently I didn't have a dish track of course I put most of my stuff in the dishwasher but when I do hand watch something I just put out to dish towel on my counter. Wash it and flat onto that. Dish towel. You guys and said that's disgusting it doesn't dry that bacteria is gonna form and made me feel like so. I was at watched Simon marshals yesterday courts York and write it myself. Buying a collapse double dish because and you could see in your minds you could see candor and I said yeah. You're not doing right and now know I had each of you Olbermann usually sick yeah way you wash the dishes is right now if you'll just have huge counter how did you put everything on flat surface like. Ohio things up on time and hatch may be some truth what I notice I know personally I think. Great people do their dishes or clean up after you know working in the kitchen preparing the meal is very individual very personal I understand that. You don't prepare very manage its senior and we are. I know that your eye on that you're not you know patent. So I'm not and domestic goddess yet by any stretch of the education that. But you guys made that so I was hit this is the funniest part about it I didn't go there to get a dish. I went there for another reason all of the sudden found myself. In the aisle with the dish with a kitchen staff yeah. Grabbing a dish track and I can hear you guys going you do it all wrong they're not gonna dry properly bacteria can grow out like I guess a look at the different is your gesture here that shows you can adapt and you can change I love that you're still able to do you know learn new things slow things used to distract alleges that love that you just went to marshals are again. I don't certainly out.