David Cant Sit In His Chair

Friday, March 2nd


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We generally get along pretty well right. So and I intend to we don't one big happy family here. But you know out can be when you can and your co workers can't I'm trying to figure out if I can use this to my game is somehow the fact that she doesn't like the fact that I stand. Rather than sit and I'm Karen Allen. Did you guys. A like that you stand but you are hilarious. Kendra and I laughed so hard because you talk about how much you love your chair like I need to really good chair. I like a leather chair it needs have arms I love my check you never sit in the chair. Your use stand the entire time in my right it's. My favorite part of the morning when he stands up in the chair goals sliding across the room and goes right into his lap it's the best fighter yeah where. Demonstrative. Active people here conveying joy and happiness. And lots of stuff that's going on and so if I don't cheer goes flying into the war room and you think well now it starts you pick it behind you knew chairs behind junior ending up in your walking around and then it is true. Yeah and it and it can get a little further and then you pick a little further and finally end up in the quarter of the real dives so this morning is this now this is fact I am not making up to the radio I started my timer on my phone to see how long nights you couldn't. It's bad if your and it shouldn't let it was standing out. And then the taping began diets I love it and we have to do the face but one day and our time lapse in showed David from the beginning in the beginning of the show he was sick very quietly in your chair and and then it just escalate until the chair is stuffed in a corner and you're just. I agree I notice something that doesn't bother candor is much the bugs you. You I love that it's into the budget because now I can use that to my advantage somehow if that's even possible.