Ryan on the Red Carpet

Monday, March 5th


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Well whatever candidate you had yesterday with the power out the storm and all that it wasn't as bad as the day Ryan Seacrest had who got to stand up in front of move millions and millions of people watching the red carpet stuff at the Oscars. I don't think I'm alone on this that it it it looked just a little weird and that's I think being continent yak. No she was there and he was obviously being shot and he only got a handful of interviews and not for many of the big celebrities who worked the big awards. And then they had to keep using filler they had to keep having people sitting it was Julianna grand taken a few others that are sitting at a table. And they were very obviously feeling time they're looking at pictures of you know people and and they were talking about the downs and people were aware that the didn't have any fresh interviews and then when you flipped over ABC Michael Strahan had everybody. Lined up and he went in as much so this and this was about Ryan Seacrest with the because he was accused. At this point we can have two weeks ago. It's been out there who's accused by stylist of inappropriate behavior it's and that's still kind of in the wind and hand you go over to ABC. Michael Strahan not only are they talking to everybody but he's asking them about me too and they got little packages and cut that big slide in the whole thing. Yet they know they they took it on you know head on and he also just had an ease about him I don't know what it is. But he isn't like that what do you clearing and he doesn't he's just like hi you doing next to Steve he's just some natural he's really really good at it. And he had all the big names I mean there was no mistaking that he crashed it and eat it there were crickets and annuity it was bad it was announced it was hard to walk they had to you don't count we're half they have it was an hour and half was two hours. No it was three almost you started it fine. He had five and it was almost the play are as comfortable watching yeah I couldn't believe that the best time ever that I've actually had to switch stations to find out. Where everybody was in what they were wearing or what what they were nominated for. They had no one was so uncomfortable to watch and they kept cutting to commercial and they were stretching. And hinds of commercial hunt has and I was like at this point just holidays tab. The new thing for me is to watch shows like this with my phone my tablet in my lap and I start going on Twitter to see what people hope you'll see that I think went wrong. And FaceBook or Twitter and see if anybody else thinks when I think did you did you realize recognize Kennedy now Ryan Seacrest and no I was watching DI hash tag he red carpet and it was blowing up in his back. Yeah it was brutal and about a bad fast. He's going to be on this morning and dynamic I don't lay eyes it's all to rest I don't now I'm going to have to that was gonna be all sunshine and unicorn tonight's game I think so yeah. I don't know yeah.