Sue Wants A Fridge In The Studio

Tuesday, March 6th


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Salads and a couple of bottled waters is where it starts. Bottle of Chardonnay. And an ice cold bottle stole his way and so while trying to facets to absolutely has decided that our happy little new studio which is brand new it's two weeks. Right so hard to announce maybe three that we've been here and they didn't awesome setting up this in our new radio home. Sending it to you the way we want that she's decided she needs. Their refrigerator here not just in part in this area of the building since she imported food invention you need to like get your feet and I hate you. Well yeah but it's a really long way to the refrigerator we have a little like lounge area and Johnny learns what it's all the way down a level. And then across the bills to. So it takes a really long time to running get a water or whatever it's not he says that crossed the building likely have to travel a couple of miles it. Going across the Claude if he's gonna go back soccer becoming. Okay period let me set the stage of the listeners to Reese this building is three stories in ticket rise there's like five reading stations in this building so. I have to go all the way down a flight of stairs and then tracked across the entire length of that. Floor gets the refrigerator and then come bask in like once and my game out of time that it takes to play one song. It's not enough time so my idea is to put a tiny like college dorm size fridge right here my feet right. And then we can had you know everyone borrow at. There aren't your feet whenever you needed an appeal something like why there's an out right here. I don't for first of all I think you're overstating a little bit how long it takes Steve we've got a loan bailout to lovely area and it is it's separate from the studio but I think that's intentional you wanna have. You know clear your mind from an admitted perhaps you can be there it doesn't take an entire song to run downstairs. The only thing I'll say this is defense that I went to go get a cup of tea and I was out of breath when I came back so. All that you are are saying this but both of you are we indeed when you come back during the studio. From going to the Jack climbs to get anything. Or to find cop. Pop culture. Well they're paid for free here are so right you have to get a mug then heat up the lot and then go find the cream and one of the food so knee that is Lotto does it and this is something we can find free treatment conference next toaster oven a jetliner that perhaps maybe a little cot it's like it's easy now. Here we go we go down that road Hadley it's likes of the and you know one of Michael way. You beat them fish from last night workspace and that's not going to be good for her I think you appreciated quite how good we. Here I don't think Nancy would appreciate a microwave rumble fish in a hundred are. It was obviously and one of those that you all the while a lender or blend blend your next of these every lineup right now.