National Cereal Day

Wednesday, March 7th


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It's national serial just checking the ingredients on the serial what's your brother felt this isn't that. It's not know it's a square's play whole grain oat flour is to say first degree it is pretty face square is now let me check. My box yeah out in my king sized box of Captain Crunch. Crunch berries. First ingredient is cauliflower. And that's now exactly by the month. I mentioned letters is captured or property bloody glove at a club would move its national cereals as fast now when it's national serial day I say you can't eat whatever you want. Lucky charms Captain Crunch Coco Crisp you name it if you know how happy I was when Kendra sent the text out I don't know. And I was already running around doing point where the bread and milk run it around and so it was an excuse to buy a gargantuan box of which call it tough sugar to talk about that photo cat and crunching expert Jack. But you know what to do really yummy when you pour milk into Captain Crunch Neil etiquette kind of psychoanalytic it's often otherwise it's gonna like. He kept him out. You know believe me I know I tell you if you just said it when you pour milk into the Captain Crunch in the bull because some people. I don't know where these people came from some people put the milk in the bowl first and then put the cereal will be talking I'm not kidding you I found it where. Spread about people know seriously that they take the ball out and you pour the milk in first. I don't even know how you and the export phrasing top serial I did people do and if you do that right how do you know how much milk to plan and know when you put the serial and it's gonna offload on top an overflow and you know in the vault like that just seems weird does a great country can do whatever you couldn't. But they're they're still has life that must be true why don't you try. Well first I just cannot stand.