How To Properly Eat Cereal

Wednesday, March 7th


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It's all about cereal for us this morning image when less expensive because it is national cereal today. So we need to celebrate. We brought in our favorite cereals and the a decision by our magic FaceBook listeners you know people who are checking on FaceBook unanimous. Cereal goes in the bowl first. And then the milk yet there really is no other way to do for some people are for all of Twitter threads and photos and everything about people and it was like a crime against humanity yet to put the Milken the bull first and then try to catch for the cereal I suspect right. You must have to undo do the milk a little that I feel like and then just added and it yeah its too much and it's like nanny get to being and it's not good and I was under do the milk is a very specific cereal milk ratio that you have to strike back the. The policy very glad to hear you say this and glad we're in agreement unless there's a whole order to the hole. You know what the methodology and the proceedings to get the would you trust involved in a favorable. Yes. And I have also have a favorite is gonna sound weird but it's tune. Like I need a bigger spoon like yes he hit gimme yeah. Camp with your citizen yeah right usually get it in their quick right you just a petite and is it big enough right. Yes I know you can't some people I was interest to find out heat the milk or or keep the whole business put the milk and the thing together and put it in the microwave much. Announced yeah like that cold milk like it's it's refreshing I have a question too when you when you get the cereal and milk in doubled you have to sort of wet all the cereal with analyses and yes Cooper around at all yet. Yes and get Pena I pushed down so yes and then there's a certain amount of time again this is like very scientific. A certain amount of time you wanna wait so it gets soft but not. The soggy bread right so you would you don't want to cut yeah that your mouth but you don't want it to be shot there isn't it between an area yet to kids. But there's an in between Larry gatlin just to get it just right there with a crunch but not that it's cut the top U GAAP. What are we don't make it here. And it with a boxes quicker or Alaska where I found the biggest box this is this is one pounds three ounces I Captain Crunch with crunch where I Kerry's is awesome I'm gonna open itself like a raccoon and a minute I. Now. And now we're gonna go and close it back up so it doesn't get out of sales. Died outside inside left however you're celebrating serial date today we're glad to celebrating without its. Place.