How We Picked Our Kids Names

Thursday, March 8th


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Good. Having trouble keeping my AD IY a HGTV. Couples straight the with a fixer upper couple. And hand that was a couple that was a big messy affair right now that's flipper flopped at all flip or flop deceived us so flipper flock was Christina and Tara yeah almost I was anywhere breakup of Iraq is the really nasty divorce the whole thing. Chipping Joanna are the other end of the spectrum should be doing and they're off. They're in a family place is going to until this time for the morning trade citizens' rights by the movie gringo hilarious action comedy. Starring David a yellow Charlize Theron a George tenant admin to see through its in theaters tomorrow. So and so there have a. A big yes it is a big deal but it's a big teal and by the way it's their fifth child they already have two boys into girls so this will be number five. She gains Joanna they noticed sex of their baby now that was the big reveal yesterday this will be their fifth as I said they're painting the nursery. Ability to it is another ball like chip announced the news in a video he posted on Twitter yesterday. He said they needed dean named because they're boys are Drake and duke. FaceBook say you don't like when people do the whole like all of our boys have to be easier girls are easy and their boys are judged. Exactly right really you don't like that. That's a personal thing but now. I mean it's nothing no judgment people who do it and I am sure I have friends who don't I thought about it but it just feels a little arranged well how did you guys come up with your name's. We have three children we voyage they were they're all Irish the and and you know what's funny is when we need it. I bet all parents go through this if you guys who when your name in your first child this act like it's been such an adventure the pregnancy the first time we get to pick we get to pick a name. And so you second dish itself. You know six ways to Sunday and we were so I was solution grab girl. So I have the girl named top accountant for surfers Charles boys so we scrambled a little bit but they're just all Irish Sean Patrick. Fuhrman should bonds Nolan and and maybe there was some X. Into view on me Brian let's. This justly iron and spat. No and we we yeah. Bloomberg Canadian M are pretty you know well we thought Emma was really different at the time and it exploded now there's like a million Amma has never born missing here is her. About you can got. I have and they Jake in Noah I do ten things I want to know I just wanted to before letter is easy short because. I have a line I attended six I was at a longer name and I didn't want them to have to right oh I know I am so I have to deploy a letter I'm like. Did she think she has all of can't have four letter names. Good for them and who's picking the name is it this chip for joy and love the thing now chip came up with dragon. And she enjoy and I was like there is no way I would ever naming my son drag so think again and I think of the woman has a little bit of a leg Dobson she goes through the nine months of pregnancy I'm just gonna put that anger and. I. You know. It's an allegory for life in general the decision. That's kind of how it goes.