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Fuller House Season 4: Watch the Official Trailer

The Morning Shade with Sue


Netflix has released the official trailer for season 4 of Fuller House! It will premiere on December 14. Watch:

Will Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn be getting engaged this holiday season? She just wrapped her tour, he just wrapped a movie, so now they'll finally have some down time. They have recently gone a bit more public with their relationship that they had previously kept tightly under wraps. Taylor tagged him in an Instagram post and was promoting his latest movie The Favourite. They've been dating for close to 2 years now.

New Kids on the Block just announced the 30th anniversary reissue of one of the group’s most popular albums, “Hangin’ Tough.’’ The album doesn’t drop until March of 2019, but fans can preorder it on their website now. The 18-track “Hangin’ Tough (30th Anniversary Edition)’’ It’ll feature 10 songs from the original album, five remix tracks and a new song called “80s Baby,’’ a collaboration with Debbie Gibson, Naughty by Nature, Salt-N-Pepa, and Tiffany. The y’ve already announced a tour which includes a two-performance stop at the TD Garden on June 28 and 29, 2019.

Disney is working to create a new generation of Star Wars fans.  The company is launching a new Star Wars digital animated series to introduce young people to the franchise.  It's called Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, and it premieres Friday.  It can be viewed on a new website titled, or the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.  

John Stamos reveals in a recent interview that he prayed he'd be a father, that the Playboy image he had was never really him.  He and wife Caitlin McHugh have a 7-month-old son named Billy.

The Internet has gone crazy because David Beckham kissed his daughter Harper on the lips.  Fans called it improper and weird. Seriously!! Lots of people, though, now coming to the Beckhams defense. There are over 1 million likes on the picture he posted and other Dads posting their pictures, kissing their daughters. Get over it people, you need to get off social media when this is what outrages you!

Actor Adam Sandler surprised a just married couple and joined them for a picture before their wedding reception in Florida this past weekend.  As the photographer took photos of the couple at a park, the groom did a double take and shouted, “Adam Sandler?” as he spotted the actor getting into an SUV. Without being asked, Sandler hopped out of the car, still sweaty from the game of basketball he had just finished, and took photos with the them: