Get Ready to Set Sail Aboard the "Titanic II"

Would you DARE take the voyage?


The Titanic‘s story will go on and on. A replica of the infamous passenger ship — dubbed the Titanic II — is set to make its first voyage in 2022. It will welcome 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members, almost the exact same number of each on board the boat that sunk in 1912. This time around, however, the ship will include an appropriate number of life boats, life-jackets and plenty of modern safety features. The Titanic II will first take a two-week trip from Dubai to Southampton, England. The ship will then trace the original Titanic’s planned route from England to New York across the icy North Atlantic. After which it plans to offer worldwide cruises. There’s no word yet on when tickets will become available to prospective — and un-superstitious — seafarers.