Kendra Petrone

  • Favorite type of food?  Sushi…absolutely could eat it every day. 
  • Favorite MAGIC artist?  Pink…she is tough, her voice is so powerful and she’s probably the only artist whose every song is on my list of favorites!
  • Favorite new TV show?  “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix; “Shades of Blue” on NBC.
  • Favorite drink?  Josh Cabernet Sauvignon Wine.
  • Favorite thing to cook?  Anything on the grill…I love the smell of grilling outside. 
  • Favorite place to vacation?  I’ve never been on vacation, so anywhere would be great!!! 
  • What would your alternate career be if you didn’t work at MAGIC?  Probably a photographer, I love taking pictures. 
  • What’s the worst job you ever had?  Concession stand at the movies…it was smelly, sticky, and I ate everything in sight!
  • Who is your celebrity crush?  Lately it’s Chris Pratt…he’s funny and cute!
  • Dogs or Cats, or Neither?  A dog…Boston Terrier named Vita. 
  • Favorite place to take your tourist friends when they visit Boston?  Dinner in the North End.

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