6:50a Almost Impossible Question!

Tuesday, January 16th


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Turned and Charles possible question. Get off the phone magic 10627. No I mean we all do other stuff from her on the phone and I. And on course again yeah. Actually I have been on the phone moment and on the radio when I've been like during the song to be chatting with somebody on the phone bill yes hang on a second and magic won a six point seven national remarks I guess yeah we're all we're all guilty of trying to do too much special or on the phone. Let's show the question before we get the justices irate in the last year 40% of people admit they have done this while on the phone what is it Rebecca says the pace. Yeah paced back and I do that my house and send an email reply to a FaceBook comment cook drive Burke. Change your voice I do that sometimes. You don't shoot to try to be official talked the bankers credit card company yeah I think my tone is much different when I'm talking to a friend than it is if I'm calling a business yeah. Yeah not accidentally end the call. Yeah. Have you have you accidentally on purpose and the call sorry that's spot you know when you're just trying to get off and you can't find it. Do you know. You're breaking up. Now I can do and finally Jennifer in Boston break up with someone in broken Symbian phone. No that's harsh no let's get the correct answer 40% of us say we've done this and last year while we're on the phone what does this. Argue with the customer service representative who. Times have you and god yes and how they'll work out. I'm usually it works out he really yeah I when I say argue I just. I get a little search at. Minister and suit goes all tiger mom is a panel with kindness I try to yeah overwhelm them with goodness and is that some element sympathy will come on and then gone you should ask I start that way. And then when I can Annika was really ugly really fast and among in effect brandy in Derry new Hampshire at the correct answer Brenda good on you get a one year membership from planet fitness. Under the judgment free zones he can always feel comfortable working another question tomorrow morning great stuff. The magic 106 point seven.