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Friday, January 12th


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I think it's a common thing I think if we can we kick off what they say there's the three things there is sleep. Your friends and and fitness and you got to choose to you can't to all three cash and we say one has to go out there and on and on time. And it goes it's in my life anyway I think and most of people I don't sleep meat that's where you cut the corners totaling five and a half six hours may be Nath and you're supposed to get eight plus because you're always at night does a fine you know how it is and then you wake up a glided I stay up so late that I did exactly that. And every day every nice out there today that might happen at 10 o'clock that I wanna see via our question this morning about about getting more sleep and and and what thing. You may have in your workspace that would prevent you from getting more sleep. People homework and offices without this was beat an average of 46 minutes less than those who work in an office with one. What could be guesses regret how about a plant. Yeah but I. I don't or office yeah I photo synthesis fresh oxygen and all those guess from nationally and Wakefield. Water cooler coffee machine because against reason and think that would cause you have. Less sleep if you were taken up and feel the time but who knows. Fitness center or workout area that's a great challenge to be able to have that. An elevator kitchen area outdoor courtyard energy saving lightbulbs or fluorescent let's lot of people had had that the lighting until that you do with sleep yes. If directional lighting you can get more or less sleep which is along the right lions. Close to the real toughness either meaning fan bunch of great guesses but only one correct answer. You have this thing you'll get 46 minutes more sleep you don't have that you get 46 minutes less sleep looking at V windows if if windows in your offices you're getting you can get more sleep. Writes the and that's kind of follow the logic of this massacre I guess if you don't have windows in its darker in your office your body thinks its in more about sleep states you don't sleep as much at nineteen I don't know. Well correct answer goes to Peter in Clinton who got a hundred dollar Disney gift card use it on line. Disney stores on your next visit to Walt Disney World resort to do another question on Monday morning from. Magic 106 point seven.