Alexa Style Assistant

Tuesday, July 10th


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History Su and 10 race morning magic would you like computer help you get dressed here's why we bring it out because. And the Amazon what Alexa then will now they're there's a new it's not available is it available now or is it seemed to be on the market I believe is so. Food to be on the market. It's east at gull look and it will be our style of fight because it's got like a little camera on it. And it will apparently look at your outfit right yeah and you know. I have an issue with this because I already feel like she's being a little invasive and now you're gonna be able to it's gonna have like a built in camera she's gonna look at you. And let you know whether or not she approves of your outfit it's the right cut for you if it's right color for you and I am cow like relay. Alexa is going to be like names Kris soup but that color is not flattering on new bride oh you just try and see Rhonda accidentally got it until running it is as a flight two weeks ago it is now available to everybody in the last tuner box. Quit 200 doc yep yep and it's a cool it's like a little camera looks at the camera you'd almost clip on to the public your laptop protecting. Yeah and you sort of do it was in turn and it will tell you what colors. Like the shape of the shirts and panty should be wearing what goes better with your skin tone in your in your body type. And I mean I have to sing I die I'm okay would this because. It's a computer right it doesn't have any feelings it's not. It's not being caddie it's not being nasty it's just looking basically at the data. So you say Alexa to these genes make my butt look big and she says its knowledge but the picture thought. Yeah it'd take it and it's gonna evaluate thick collar styling and current trends. So it takes about a minute to fully give you the answer. Right but now I'm gonna feel even worse about myself if if I continue to put on outfits and she continues to say no that doesn't look good then the next separate note that doesn't look good and accept it. No try again or just. Give us but would you rather that wouldn't you rather have a computer say you look great. As opposed to just write walking out the door are thinking. Thing if you look great and then like having you know light perhaps some of your coworkers. Not naming any names it's like I your heck yeah like light mood thing. I'd love suit and outfit from 1983. It gives you an action that to the prom and I'm being. Yeah Gideon explanation. Why do want our fate is better than we have seen its educational helps us learn like in this sample and it says like this shirt is more likely not to move when you bend over or not to ship. Colleagues know I don't need that. Now I'm so I love as. You guys like it I hate it idol have it because I hate it for the solely based on math. Yet those on me yeah out of your body and I want to have by the clothes that make me feel and look the absolute best C suit my body type. Soon as that person might like if she were at I actually had this experience and high school right and so we're sitting in class. And oh what my English teacher are made and warnings about. She turned around and the slip on her start. Was tucked into the top of her skirt when she turned around to use the blackboard which yeah. You know something Mitt Romney's Mormon anyway so issues riding on the board and we're all like. And no one said it in the whole class until finally one of a lot of my friends and Turkey and the costs and said hey. You know your skirt and she's like oh my god why didn't you tell me like why didn't somebody tell me ask that the whole class appear. But sue its opposite you don't want anybody to tell you that you don't look good you just won a living your blissful bubble thing. I know you're cool idea and really high now. Not yourself. Yeah not just lie to me continue to live meantime nearly prayed every day I just I don't need more credit I just can't cook I can handle it right I'm against so let's call let's ask people what they think I'm a listener solicit for some legs on us when you let it irate today okay.