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Wednesday, May 16th


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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women I magic when a six point seven I'm suit tab in this morning we are fortunate to catch some time with bestselling author Alice Hoffman. Who is here to chat with us about her work in about a very important event she is hosting on June 4. It's called pink pages it's an evening hosted by Alison featured a number of celebrated authors. And all to benefit Hoffman breast center at mount modern hospital Alice a pleasure to have you as our guest this morning. How much. Here I have to just take a quick step back before we talk about your Europe then to which I wanna get to you. But I have two daughters who were absolutely obsessed with the movie apple Marines at the based of course and your novel. They will be was so endearing I get sucked into it too I watched I don't know how many times hard to believe though when I was looking it up that was over ten years ago now. I know it you know it's funny because the only girl Thelma for that movie really about called power and sisterhood and best friend and aren't that many movies like that these. That's true and you several novels that have been adapted into film. Not just Allen but but a lot of them what's like to see celebrities sort of bring to life the character is. That you create in your mind in your novels. How it is very great experience because there you are you know you're sitting in the room alone you know wading. And then all of that apparently hundreds of people worm hole a speech this thing that you imagine in your room buyers stopped and you know actors are saying a word that you thought out and you know I mean it's very exciting I mean islet Philip the book and the movie or achieve completely separate. Right do you weigh in like do you get to weigh in on. Who's Caster her sort of how the movie ghosts. Am I don't think I'm sorry. Story. You know I think pictured Dodd Shelby who I know has on her around. Account so she wants to do is have a voice and yes. You know it it is wide and Graham say hi now I saw that on your web site. Yeah. It is independence county and city. Whenever I go to your reading people are at where Shelby it I got a prayer he bark a lot. Well it's like I say she wants to have a voice she wants to be her with us. The best known fear works that deal with sort of magic can and can't to see course practical magic was a huge success. That's the one adapted I think it was standard bulletin Nicole Kidman who are and that. More rapidly he wrote the prequel all the rules of magic I want to know what draws you to that particular. Genre. You know it's funny how I don't really think that what you. Grow up reading really influence you more than any other thing as a reader got it right there are pretty hairy out magic. And for me it's symbolic. The normal thing to do when I started writing and that's what I didn't go to the book title. And you know all of their Utley you'd permit from the Atlantic are in the the whole idea wet which it now that it iconic figure and Dominique little girl public upset with witches and witches. You know it really the only PBL. Iconic figures that have any power. So it was really fun to write practical magic and then Matt. That's true I hadn't thought about it like that in even the whole concept like the good which in the bag which all of zapped that all of them having. The one thing in common is having power. Haven't how are well that's really rare and especially political department can't figure out. It's funny because like a magic really became head like a cult following it on the principle. And you know meet my rears we're right in asking if I was not a one and I. So I decided to go back in time and liked it met at the 62 point paper Ara. At the time I grew up so it would. Very much it would really under. So it's the it's when they're younger is that what it is yeah exactly OK got it. And I know a lot of your celebrities like sluggers like Reese Witherspoon I think she just picture book ends as a selection for her book club Oprah Winfrey. What is if any yours I think she had money your books was here on earth that was in her okay. Is is on Oprah's list of books is that like the holy Grail for writers. You know it and I think that. It's. I mean our show you know when she checked the book. It is really an amazing thing for the block. And I wish the show because I don't like her book club would really like a book to people who didn't have their own book or didn't you know. We needed it right about what region has great taste and brought a lot of writers and people hadn't read before to the forefront in. She hit it great and for reading and cannot thank. Yeah I agree. You're just waking up and tuning in your listening to exceptional and on magic when I was six point seven in chatting with distinguished author Alice Hoffman will be talking about her novels. And there are a lot of them including remote it's the rules of magic. When Alice is writing she's opted supporting other writers are working to raise funds for the Hoffman breast center mount Auburn hospital she's hosting a literary event caught pink pages. That would do just that let's continue on I do wanna talk about this event because this is pretty special. It's up quickly it's on June 4 UConn pages. Tell us a little bit about what people can expect who's going to be there what can happen. Gavel we can do he had really pretty seventeen years opened. It print editor at mount Auburn hospital are critiquing or that they're went there what someone and I can't twenty. And so it in a meeting event I think in the back into account and it's this year. We're having. An amazing group of greater alleged and you could get through this a wonderful writer from Cambridge you read this book called little fires everywhere. Which reached Whitney and I think that you PD here is quite her dad left yeah. And it you can and then James Carroll. You probably know he's written about the glove. Up and made an incredible. Speaker and writer and then click on the is that. But who is a novelist is one of my. Also am leery of she merit again Cleary and cheese on here that year and cheaper novelist and non writers but that she made that and then meant. Who. My. Apartment over a network that happy with. And it. And I EK what they. Eat. Yeah. An. Incredible and then off all. The time who's let it. Called before the train which I think so we know in. And most recently she just write a book that. Really that. The teacher and you Wyatt and Christina hit subject from a collegiate you know Cristina Corbin and did very. Fascinating. Historical. Fox but adequately with what we do it the world where the American repertory here. And they have been really had a really different from and then been buried kind so. It hundreds of and then there you get to meet your favorite writers and the book you can buy books and then. We have. Where people are reading their book that you eat and where they're warn you can bet that never and then. Private person at all. Funny heartwarming. It had been very special evening with. Very intimate it sounds like. It yak and that's that's awesome and I want to talk a little bit about. All the proceeds are gonna go to the hop and breast center which mount Auburn hospital. On the descent it was created you know through your vision your family's vision talk a little bit about the center and its services can people get there. And why it was so important to you I just reducing your breast cancer survivors obviously you have a personal connection. The talk a little bit about the center for people who may not know a lot about it. Yeah I'll let you know from one point yet. It did Gary personal and intimate. Group B currently effort in and and I think when you're under current treatments are it completely or. Not being number. Also at the center where no one's turned way. And I think a debt and it that there really important. Word there is beyond what it's great medical certainty that great doctor. It also. Social worker and group terror. There're people connection that you have the way if you need transportation. It's really kind of old pervert our campus center and yet in. And I know a lot of people who when we're going to treatment than Mike. It's very disturbing. Court with Gary and you really want to connect with people who know your story. And you know com. Know what you're treatment today. And I'm also IP network we usually have a pro can require economic and do that again this year. Because I think you the truth of the matter is that you know what and and the American cancer and that means all of trust me with her and her mother and her daughter. Were all. Camp and I'm connecting to the way it would really be united. And hoping it very special center. I think what really matters its in the neighborhood center. But it really advocate how many women you know in Cambridge Belmont summer well all. All ground ball to him and on the content it is very important event at a very very heartwarming it and I think it won what you really final. Gavel finds important you know and I I love that when you talked about breast cancer patients and I am also a breast cancer survivor. I love when you used the words intimate and you know to neighborhoods Centre because I know when I was going through it. The important thing to me was the the human part of it and the psychological part of it. And you know that was really important to me and I had a Doctor Who you know was great and and and gave me what I thought was very sort of specialized in to make care and you need to act is that the psychological peace is as big if not bigger than the physical piece. I think you're absolutely right I mean if if they're recollect on brilliant and the killing long. You know I mean many women are on and even for those who amnesia that normally all of the issues. Kutcher when they're happening so you know pretty. I think now Auburn pretender to really clean air or the whole family tree in the way and you don't feel alone. And I think that part of what promote equipment. That this center. Because the law and because. You're not rush not lumber that really matter I know it mattered. Now it mattered a great deal to me so thank you for the work that you're doing. And yeah if you're just joining us this is exceptional women on magic 106 point seven I'm Stu tab and we've been chatting today. With bestselling author Alice Hoffman she lives here in Boston shall be hosting an important event it's called pink pages. It's on June 4 it's an evening with a host to celebrated authors the proceeds will benefit the hot and breast center. At mount Auburn hospital we've been talking a little bit about that I wanna get back to our conversation and it wanna talk a little bit more. About your work because you've written over thirty novels. The few young adult books. You've had some incredible success. And it askew what you attribute that to because sometimes I think. I'm not writing is a funny is a funny thing I mean do you ever you staying motivated it's it's such as it's such an independent kind of feel that you hit you while you. He's got a really good question but wouldn't it well. It'd become. And that. I would go Peter I'm gonna go and very. You know I'm I all the but. You'd. And now it is. And exactly that would kick reader down the writer Gillick. I want to. Understand and going to different world different world now and I I don't write by practically a deeper he got ill. Never going to be a time during. So do you always right. Physically in the same place that you have an office who do you go to different places to draw inspiration. I you and I'd like to brightly don't have that you would not cute pretty attractive. But I I. Know. It. Portable computers you can really you can work anywhere on the train does it matter and I. I I'm able to look like. A ticket item. I'll have to concentrate on quieter. And I can pretty much right. And you writing for a long time and I read your bio it. You've been writing I think since you're like 21 maybe even before that but it sort of when you really broke into it. So you've known from a very young age that this is what you're calling us. I never thought to be I mean I you know I was working on crime never met a writer. You know even when I was growing up we see the horse favorite women I mean all the women that. So. But. And on the that would benefit to big huge but my local. And it felt like they made money in law and made a lot of it. On the topic you writer I feel like this treatment market. Well there is locked in it and you got to back it up with the scale tipped to but I totally sure about that. Declare yeah I would. What the adjudicate and valued at revision from you put an end term paper like I Obama. And grammar in terms of progress in my life. Yeah well I saw some into that the you've been called America's literary heir to the Brothers Graham I think that's a pretty nice way to be described I would imagine as a writer. Well I think it locally because I'm a huge carry out an addict so. I can't think of anything man or. Which writers have inspired you the most through your career. Well I mean that. For me integrated within prayers on March and then she inspired me cute. But I feel like you know when you read Kmart and it like to tell her she had the bully it hurt a moment. And flagrant abuse of colon. The story that you tell a powerful proclamation integrated. I'm living right away you know I was very. Act by Ray Bradbury who think. What an amazing writer like that development at the end of the life and invert our politics you wanted to. Incredible book that everybody go sugary didn't meet him at the street that now. And it. I'm wondering hi which favorite book out and but the idea that this woman who has no experience with that little village could write the greatest psychological model ever written it. What I'm I'm. And who. Tallest can you tell us what you're working on now what's next. Any hints. Well. They are working at something really different McMahon is number. It called buried it in the book at them with my husband hop then seek them out in mid air. And I wrote air account and then she design and Creative Commons. Area. I know that cool concept. Yeah there was so much on an up and and the book is the court to book an amazing photography. Site developed open you know two theaters and reader and it's yet but but it is so beautiful and it was really fun you're now via. Off them. Recap the event because a running at a time in a couple minutes left so let's just recap the event at coming up it's called pink pages it's a benefit for the half and breast center at mount Auburn hospital. It takes place on June 4 at the American repertory theater in team bridge. Odd you'll be about to doctors there week we talked about that course you Alice Hoffman and Estrich in Erie among others will be emceed. I mean by Joyce called correctly. Elections and I every here for seventeen years the issue we can't survivor and I think the mark in operational or and I bet on that and it. That's on and so great to have their way. Yeah she is a crusader I love her. She's great and everything kicks off for a 6 o'clock and if people who are listening wanna get tickets I just wanna let them know how to do that they can go on line mount Robert hospital dot org or you can call for tickets for number 617. 49956. By six once again 617. 4995656. Alice Hoffman it is an eight true pleasure talking with you today. I wish you all the best in your events and it in your future will be comport to seeing what's what's next. Thank you. Attack and you've been listening to exceptional women on magic minus six point seven thanked Q2 author Alice Huff and for being in the spotlight today. Remember that exceptional women are everywhere we talk to celebrities and authors and CEOs. But we're also interested in your neighbors and coworkers and friends were just quietly making an impact in the communities. I ask you know something you'd like to suggest we not to hear from you thanks to my producer under attorney and all of you for listening be sure to join us every Sunday morning at 730. For another edition of exceptional women. Have a great day everyone and have a great day everyone.