All Lanes on Mass Pike Open A Day Early

Monday, August 6th


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OPEC has been stated to be a Red Sox came through associate years are going to be faster. And that they were saying there are going to be 22 and a half our games. No I what I thought it was some yes something that based on that it was going to be so flown of course I still didn't I guess we love you did you would have invested. Our words fell on time. Yeah the game but it ended the way we wanted to how we're glad to have this morning magic almost impossible question. Hundred dollars in groceries that's on the way also another day of a thousand dollars every hour it's twelve grand and Sam will be the key word coming up just a bit time now for headlines. And Kendra is covering pursue this morning hey Kendrick of morning good morning once it. Mostly sunny 93 tonight looks clearing 82 of tomorrow's going to be sunny and hot 95. Now it's about seventy by the Charles River in here's what's happening on you Monday morning. At least 91 people have died following an earthquake on the resort island of lombok in Indonesia over the weekend. Search and rescue teams continue to comb through the debris looking for survivors and victims. This is the second deadly earthquake in a week to strike the island which lies just to the east of Bali. And an EF one tornado hit Webster Massachusetts on Saturday morning emergency management officials say the more than forty people have been displaced. One person was injured when debris fell on her card she has since been treated and released. The tornado included winds of up to a 110 miles an hour this is the third tornado to hit southern Massachusetts and the last three weeks including two in Douglas an option. Good news for commuters this morning the mast pike opened at full capacity a day ahead of schedule. Officials announced yesterday that all lanes opened a full day before the scheduled opening day which was today. All four lanes and all on an off ramps are open closures from the comment bridge project will continue throughout the weekend plans. And Boston's first African American bot police commissioner William William Haas will be sworn in today. The 56 year old entered the department in 1985 and has served as a second in command. Since 2014. Cross will replace commissioner Bill Evans who is leaving a job. Leaving for a job it's teasing at Boston College. And Wilmington residents are being warned to look out for a large rare blizzard that has escaped from its owner. The black and white lizard escaped from an outside enclosure at Woburn street last week. The lizard is four feet long and people should not approach it. If you see it officials are asking me to please call Wilmington animal control. And sports yes the Sox completed a four game sweep over the Yankees with a 540 win last night. He'll be in Toronto tomorrow night to take on the blue jays. The patriots signed veteran wide receiver Eric Decker tour one year contract Decker is also married to country singer Jesse James Decker. And starred on. Finally we all take them home from restaurants and keep them in the fridge. But could ketchup packets beyond their way out forever details on that.