Almost Impossible Question

Monday, February 26th


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I just explain something we're doing things a little differently this morning. Word we changed the that the way that and where we stand based seating arrangement Reza seeking re think the music stopped and everybody had to grab a chair in the room here so I'm over on if you picture and delegate console in the studio control working under is run the board now and I need to be over next to you. Look at my crowding his space as it like little little re watching me either had to. Pick up is it. Yes some ground rules except the only next year as soon as I feel closer to you'll hear it. Arm and no cheating up a paper here the almost impossible question I've got the guess is in front of me I let's hear the question over time for overtures from our favorites all right 90% of us will see this when the weather gets warmer liked when it gets warmer flip flops you mentioned that you guys in the room listen bird bird deaths we have one half we compute. If a bird bath we also have the thing that says. Santa visits here with the snow that you put in the ground and concealing his fill out I myself keep it now here around. People cooking on the grill so that yard ice cream trucks. Mentioned air conditioners. Sun screen. Get the sandstone mine since I guess for the warm weather amnesty protection brown lawn bags and rakes. Yeah some more of that ice cream truck I love I love the first day to need that means it's spring yeah. You know for other people it's like Sullivan's opening up or whatever for me it's the first time I hear. The tea ice cream probably have to commend on the street yeah great guest is only want Clinton to go let's hear it 90% of us who see this. When the weather gets warmer where it's going to be someone wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Someone else wearing a little Jimmy you're not apply insurance Illinois mentioned I don't think I've ever won one in my life. I Wear one if I went seem like a buffet concert or something. But that's about it I wouldn't like underwear once or even if you're not comfortable wearing it you should Wear no I mean you really I gotta you gotta live it you got GAAP net. Yeah Louisiana does not mean prove this so many coupons now you could Bahrain's. QX crossover. Into the hole I start I need to break out of my malts and if you could. Honda in stir average it's averaged Westminster which we'll have the correct in Toronto gets a four pack of passes to Paul patrol life. Carl great pirated venture into the box and went through march 10 and eleventh. Could jump the question we'll do another 1 tomorrow morning from boobs yeah.