Almost Impossible Question -Riding Horseback

Tuesday, February 6th


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Trying to get to the bottom of our almost impossible person who's gonna go and join my guess is coming in this morning about one point three billion miles that's a lot of miles Chad has here's our question again Americans travel about one point three billion miles per year. Using this particular thing what is it like you're shopping cart garrison and I don't. I'm Wayne turner mr. guesses include a bicycles trains freak frequent flier miles that slot that's market Marlboro it's good gas. Buses motor homes horseback. Towards the book is. Britney's I guess a lot of I guess I don't think he is Agassi and horseback and move. It influences his floor and why yeah. Of course a wide berth. Horse get to go on the bicycle lane or is there to square one mall parking lot who. Every once and a while all of I drive up this dole. I'm Maynard and stole a in the country every once in a lot of these horses output of this a road I go on all the time and I always few horses and it never fails him here if you're driving on the side streets slowly you know 3030 miles an ulcer you Cameron and there's a horse it's like I'm. How well. Just think the thing is gonna trample the cards that. Yeah I'm really excited to have brutal deadly direct visual is going to need to square one and all here at Savannah and a focus. Roller blades jump rope getting good guesses but only one correct it's we travel one point. One point three billion miles a year using this as soon elevators. It's an elevator yeah. We have to do grew searchable horse in and I had to do that that's Julian Blackstone had the correct answer challenged and enjoy Daryl hall and John ounce and trained. At the extremity center on June 7. Good for you Juliet is awesome tomorrow more ticket and another question of the almost impossible question. Smithfield. No I don't alternates. Near a parking for the horse poor weather fronts and tell you obviously. OK thirty seconds away from a friend of bill's like and I love the Jon Bon Jovi Bill Belichick are such good friends I now sit by judge in his second first we check traffic magic traffic care dimensions as a sponsor what's sponsored. It will start with the Mass Pike we've got a multi vehicle accident now its mast pike in about just before the paint him service area that's a bad spot and it sat. Sport car crash that had you already back to route nine to expect delays as you're heading down the pike. Expressway north now you've got a 36 minute ride from Braintree into boxed in 93 SE film might get wrapped up in Woburn. All the way down to this day coming into the in the tunnel. One southbound is slow walk on the street to 99 in the Tobin back to Carter street.