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Good morning and welcome to exceptional what did I imagine when a six point 79 suits have been very excited to introduce this morning's guest. She's Ian Harte grades she's a mother a beyoncé at business owner and cancer survivor she is with me this morning to share hurt your knee. And I think you'll agree that she is certainly. Exceptional. And good morning. It rang me and not think you were so excited to talk with you today. First just wanna get a little backgrounds. I knew in growing up I know you you have a sister you were raised here in the Boston area in Italy and you are focused on your studies you were the first family to go to college. Little bit about your your operating. Only bringing kind of leave nothing different than a lot of other people that. They didn't have they I young in Omaha in Iraq and that inland like indymac can't make it there. And it is funny everyone that the entire I have biological father and really wasn't much father is the sentiment that young mom and into that market on top of it. My upbringing really bother populate them all pretty and and we can help a lot but he had everything we needed him a packet. Everything we needed as they are going happened cheap so. Talking about it that's when I get protecting. Yet certainly does that she particularly driven being the first in your family to go to college I know you began a career in publishing. Yeah you were in Boston you're in Florida. And your family at one point was even directly affected by the events of 9/11 tell us a little bit about that. You know I guess I can't look at back on effect for economic and policy I think that certainly. Important part of a lion now because that's not what about me going columns. And it really about the fact that now my mother they'll get home and yeah me growing up in me wanted to come to think how opening and I think it's. There was never a question about whether the college and when I look back now I think that was pretty remarkable because. It doesn't it popped in my office and in every time my bracket I want to eat out. She only that you'll be going to college and when I look back. Now I think wow that was the pretty bold statement for little girl at that time. Because every reminded that I mean what I'm going to college in fact no one in my opinion I had gone to college. So that was always my plan not only what I thought I was going to Q there was no question. Finally came time and that that's what I can't and then it's unfortunate that I had. I'm like at any sort of impact is going to. And in the talk about the people who like McCain think no matter what kind of like that is probably negotiate people around them. I can happen really wonderful stepfather and in my life. And EP it Diane Pamela and you know on different planes. Yes it it would really terrific in traffic. Network and time for everybody everyone in our country particularly around the area. But over the years. You know for some time in and pop that thing what I kinda. We'll bounty that that was the game and I know at the moment and it certainly wasn't. My all time with him. At home what I can try again now it say how fortunate I am I hacked him in my life that he chose me. And he bothered me and I'm extremely fortunate now that I have another step father. Amendment right and each company and he spends that much here in my life. Like human life is Pamela and so. While I could that it well track and actual little girl that light I and so so lucky. These that men in my mind that brought me to him. And you talk in about parents your mommy and your step father both step fathers. How important they were and you yourself now our parents. You have two children. I wanna take everybody back is this is that this was a difficult time. 22014. You when your husband had divorce that you remain very friendly you. Had purchased a house in Oxford you have kids who were at times seven intend. And then something happened talked about the turn of events. You know in in May 2014. And I I mean home and pop they're doing pretty neighbor Canada here. And I would let my fiancee Amy I home and mind my ultimate that and then hand. And I had a really good life I'd collective academic thing. I am I laugh I had all decorated him around and you all patent. More volatile than the potential areas like. Been booted the big thing going on in my life at the moment and we've gotten back his transition into the news cooled it on and everybody happy and I have everything there and I think it. Welcome to get them. Greatly happened. In the meantime. I'm apparently eclectic comic opera on the front line that. I thought and that wooded area actually enjoying it out on the Internet campaign trail. And it happened Matt Damon and did to him about had been overdoing it because I was you know doing my running at that time. And but seeing that it could have been just getting more polite and not getting bad and I've had plenty of injuries at that time like I'm not a very good runner up. I can't follow me well well well yeah it felt like my I can think too much. Alcohol I don't want my mom pregnant without a little bit like that trying to play. But one night I came really unbearable and you went in this. Overtime at doctor's appointment doctor appointment complaining man and a chiropractor acupuncture I tried everything and it was getting more and more and over the court so you know perhaps months December hit than I was and where 1 evening sparingly. Running from parties where factory and I I get couldn't move anymore wasn't getting better at getting the point right yeah equity locked like. Although my car got O'Connor an anomaly. In an unbearable pain I didn't think I could get out and threaten. You not come out and get here and kinda bad yeah and here and then that coupled pretty cut checks could be currently going on. And I was an event for the next couple days and lane or an ultrasound on the campaign and that and then I'll have found me it's not like what about my past that they can find something that seems FEMA might paying for it now. I'll never be let grateful you know to contact. My life at my end about one. Did that let go up and it doctor and figure out what about that and it was about a lot more than my back. Lately yet that any any excuse hospital that happening to my doctor opened up in the opposite that at lunchtime and Robin Wright and center. In the hospital for an MRI and that and I found I had a humor on my pancreas which I think it. I had a large amount on my back. Apparently wrapped around my mind eating away at. That would those aren't even like I'd probably buy it humorous throughout my entire toward and all of my work and work out. Can you be taken over by an instinct would be human cell phone like that you actually. At that point. Why is going through your mind you're being told so much information so fast and it's pretty devastating news. Yet it devastating it is it is strange because I heard you think nothing. You know I think anything you go completely blank and era and knock in to police and you have no idea where to go over what to do it. I think beckon people at meal time sloppy thinking I'm. Honestly thinking. Nothing yeah. But they eat very quickly it doesn't take you long you realize. But gravity of the situation and I obviously I can't. Okay I like do you know I don't know patterns and how that happened. And I had a lot of time to think at that point I have a commitment to and I had hair trigger. Certainly. And you know day by day that happening that kept getting more and it didn't seem like. How a lot of hope in terms of how accurate leaving the hospital back and told I was not in the capitol. And I got out and act upon that. And you know outlook two been able to marry Michelman you're not going to happen nine. While these are pretty evenly Immelman not. Often that can happen again. I was going to let every single mile dynamite kid black and I'm leaning in that scene one of them graduate from elementary school so. And and and realized that at that unease and I thought apple my remembering the child life how funny memory here and there. I have most of them because I've been talking about that thing I'm looking at Pickett open line and went wrong and it is apparently. Think I remember what I look like beyond the phone alone what I found in my car and remembering that we have to get there and that was probably. The biggest heartache I'm ever experienced. I can't even imagine as a mother myself I can't even imagine the depth of that sort of grief. So what was the actual. Diagnosis it was stage four was lymphoma. Big problem on me I could really rare form of lymphoma I had several Geithner feet along the way everything continuing news pancreatic cancer and they're going back and forth because it was so hard to thank you know. And it ended up being a very rare less than 1% of all cancer cocktail peel it and acting like cell lymphoma big event that you an acronym for math. I inherited that. And Daryn it was it typically hit. Older men. Even one little effect I Atmel and it didn't I didn't hear the woman forty. Right you're just waking up and tuning in its exceptional women I magic when a six point seven. We're talking with cancer survivor and Har graves who is talking about her journey. And also about an important fundraising event for the north short cancer center its annual North Shore cancer walk let's get back to our conversation. And being a resident of the North Shore. I know that you. Use the services of the Norse were cancer center talk a little bit about your treatment there and support that you received. From those professionals. Well let me tell you it he'd he'd need to aggregate equity knee and Kendrick hit sick. The plate Q1 Q he is an area for sure we have the ban. Luckily for I honestly would not be sitting here and I believe that fully. If I can live in this area. So fortunate my travel that path here where a lot. Well you look at the world class can't that you can get in the backyard. You know particularly and he can and can't get sent there. I would just. Founded way clearly had been passed away. Many different things. Over my lifetime my family needing medical care. I didn't think I'd ever need that type of medical care. Wasn't. Let them on top of the mine you know to walk around alone won't let. When I got them on our campus center and realized that the far beyond the medical treatment what you need it desperately. Had I not been here and Hackett had treatment that I intellectual and very rapid. Want to chemotherapy. Over sick around every 21 days it was in the we know little treatment. That every bit and the hairs that you get at the camp at that hair looked up. Phenomenal act. I felt like her I felt. Say I cared for. Other than the scary time then every single time somebody tell me anything about how my body you might have to go by double wearable. And I was in trouble and people would definitely. Hold your hand and arm around you. But that I had to explain everything no question of keeping. It didn't matter what. What mood and emotion you are happening at that moment pity they treat you so passionately. And Dave Barr was probably a little early and days I was apparently you know maybe. Very bad and and being that has hopeful and they handle all hold me back and neck and care. And then everything that he can because I think. Within. Me oh look a lot of campaign that may be patient because. I think that there it is such a big thing is that the treatment now and they cared making me beyond that he apparently ordinary people maybe their careers and things back. Even treatment. The big big heat on top of that is that people won't lie and you know I'm I'm allergic locked up not an occasional what could happen. So I need to be acupuncture and I needed the acupressure. And I couldn't acupuncture anymore and and the services we only came in happy about how to track your children about what's happening in. Let me that they you know they could get what I humor therapy with. I would back him or I need to think that there are people that. Didn't have someone to give them to right in V. I I did I was out. We are lucky to have so many wonderful people moment I act. I mean time. Things like that are offered that you would never think about so you. Might need some of those things we can remarkable. Yeah and I can tell you firsthand I also have been treated at the Norse her cancer center and I had a similar experience can't say enough about. The compassion. On they treat you like human not a patients and I just I can't say enough about it so. I wanna talk a little bit about the walked it's coming up it's the 28 annual North Shore cancer watt. It's gonna be held on Sunday June 24 in Salem. I know that you participated. In your first walked back in 2015. And you work just weeks. In remission at the time. That now you're you kind of keep taken on a new role now you are co chair talk a little bit about that lie you've upped your game at the. Yeah I think it is really I'm saying I'll go back in the beginning a little. It another way that they can't sit and can't see me and and helped me through my recovery because while I was in treatment. I may live on money computer. Keating that I wasn't enough to be on my computer and for that reason I am not happy remember how it came across. My act like I'm hoping that's all it can't block while I had heard about report that that you know his. And then we'll see you for years and I knew about it but like everything else that woman. Iraq part of my life that I'm aware that he was but when it came in front of me I would film treatment and I. And came when I was there. I I literally could not block it being in an apparent. Pain in my back working and working. An and I don't know why I. That's ironic I think I want to walk. I wanna make it retreat and leave me I don't make him. Out there and these people have found so much for me these past few months. So I kinda had a lot on that film treatment getting myself something positive he would work. Something that seemed realistic that might be able to you also walking miles an animal that didn't sound like something that isn't due again and I like kinda. And while I hope they pass. One day. I welcome thing. On general site that. Like locked. You know locker spotlight. In my first reaction was because I can and be able to walk he had Brian and it felt you know Mac or. In hand and I don't think I'm hitting a lot of ethical and put it into bigger market and look at all. I wrote a little something and they and they reach out to me now that they could do an article on me. Will lay out fake letter at that point home and I did that and as they did a while I ended up made a lot of money and get the part that they know cancer patient aspect on paper this. And I'd make a lot of money and I got a break and healing garden and I became involved in me. And it literally something you know concrete that was going to be wrapping that he would turn them year. I mean if you're not that and anybody else that we're walking through the healing garden during your treatment against them thanks but no and very talented and bear. And in each ear without actually I was going to do and I wanted to make sure that I ninety back in while I can't walk will walk. And I continued in and get after it from me and for everybody up as an inspiration. And then in the Ayman Al bachelor recap me not me my interest in being called an issue here. And I thought. Well. You know want to believe it really give myself even a little bit more news. Organizations get them to me. But it can also. Be a seat apparently. You know all the people that they did not have. The great outcome. I don't I'm a miracle I should not. I was only you've been in remission now for how long NTELOS how you're feeling and how you're doing and then we're running out of time so I want to circle back in just give people the details on the watch the quickly tell us what your prognosis is now and and how you're doing. Yeah there and you know story that's indefensible but here it is and they'll be in mere mention. It. Month congratulate you think he's gonna under yeah yeah. Yes I can earmark put that pretty big for us because we're back. Every apparently coming down practically. We're we're pretty fortunate at the family that that we need it that far and Diana I'm very. Very happy that same that we need the opposite thing and healthy now. How well the architect Yunel probably heard handle both might be polite yeah quite even aimed at building all the reasons that I'm doing work I'm doing a lot more hopefully she wore. One day but for research and treatment options for things that bring I'm all like her implication. You know at any point in each. An important. And I wanna talk a little bit again about the specifics of the watch it's the 28 annual north short cancer watts it's Sunday it's June 24 at Salem willows park. It is the program opens at around 8 o'clock to block begins at 830. So people can sponsor a walker I know they can also go online and donate to the cause as well also even if you can't make it. Go online and donate it's it's so important to raise funds for this cause as you said people don't realize how many services. A cancer patient and their family by the way needs surrounding the treatment that go well beyond the actual. You know. Radiation chemo but like you said some psychological support an instant technical stuff so. Thank you so much and for sharing your story I mean it's so wonderful that they have you. As somebody that is promoting this because boy talk about somebody who's been there and somebody who's defied DI since somebody who understands. What did GM we have our own backyard to the North Shore cancer center. I couldn't agree more and yes I would love it if anybody wanted to come to have a lot of the really fun day it found Carolina early for me Q back. The fun fun day and bring. But confident something that we're real negative and people like so I'm looking forward to it that they can't make it we appreciate any information packet. Yeah and I'll be there as well answer I'm looking forward to meeting you I'm there every year I am CF I sort of kick it off. It's really important to me personally and I I don't ever miss it it's a very as you use the word hope full. It's a very hopeful inspirational day and it's fun for the whole family so. I encourage everybody to get out to the North Shore cancer walk on June 24 and Ian Hargreaves. Thank you so much for sharing your story today. We really appreciate it. Think some Nike campaign had anything I can't I can't meet you have to walk. Yes banks by and I. Thanks for listening to exceptional when did I imagine when a six point seven today and Hargreaves has been in the spotlight to remember that exceptional women are everywhere. We interview celebrities and authors and CEOs we also want to talk to your neighbors and coworkers and friends gorgeous quietly making a difference if you know someone like that. Let us know. And tune in every Sunday morning at 730 for another edition of exceptional woman thanks to have a great Sunday.