Ants Marching Into Davids House

Thursday, April 12th


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You know what's right if you're definitely gonna do not want anyway and story are. It's the best horse exclusively so it's good to be that its David Kendra suing morning magic welcome back and very much must be missed. We get answered my house though like I left for a day yeah. Then came back. And punched eye needs somebody to call me and say this is totally normal. Well I think it is I had it happen I mean I don't have them right now but I always get around this time a year as soon as the weather starts to changing get like vests they somehow come marching in this that are looking for an explanation just like that like an hour. Are the first warm night they decided let's go inside for one more time to put. We never have a chance at all and you know went off I believe cats and suffered its don't podcasts. Solidly that. Which you have little kids and I imagine like it's cookie come again here open absolutely exactly you know I'm not crazy that the timing yeah OK yeah. So we sit down and I. He didn't last night and say hey there's an there's an edit. They have absolutely everywhere it's like do they meet outside the house and say are right. Folks if the day I wish they say how is it that on. It must decide that would get DirecTV and couch looks nice let's go to. Let's go and ice tonight OpenId is it weird though it is really really like that it's just a random time and all the sudden there's like. Twelve of them to death and they aren't yet a full blown violence was sitting there at the table its business and existence I look at every other sentiment she says. We watch you all into. Do about it basically we should call somebody which means what are you gonna do by her so said that is on your round. That's weird to do was strategic investor I don't really M today at bat mobile for recommendations by the way.