Backwards Marathon Guy

Monday, April 16th


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On Monday it's been and spills forty years since it had a steady rain like this dash during marathon route Monday. Yet they said it was bad back in 2009 that they have not had an all today. Gusty winds for hiding rain. Seifert dikes at forty years this crazy there's just after the game at the Red Sox game ended yesterday that this that are rendered its shares of the no Red Sox game today. Crap to be a little bit thinner runners are assembling at the starting line that it's getting ready to run yeah Hopkinton to Boston but there's one guy there at. Who will be running essentially running at facing Hopkinton is running backwards turning the corner the whole thing I can imagine yes could you speak to you Lauren Z immersed ski. Who is gonna run the entire marathon route backwards on the phone this morning about how did all this began. I needed to discontinue. Attempt to Iran and backward to break the world record black GO inside my purse. Where training run yet. I gotta say I'm I'm not much of a runner of done a little bit running and I'm a solid ten minute mile which if your brother's very comfortable leisurely pace. You're eight half minute mile backwards or something like that which is unbelievable. Tonight. We runner before you Odyssey or whatever and you're pretty good run our forwards before you turn it around. Yeah I mean you know I had qualified for the Boston Marathon and you know what that it will be great in the world thought what an easy qualification but. I don't that in marathons or out of Iraq for all there are backwards. And that body is. So much harder drug backward and forward. I can imagine is this specific training for that other than actually running backwards in another it's like footwork CO tripped or anything like that. So nobody if I did what I need a bit this I started acting you know people that are faster routers that mean writing coaches going outline. And I really couldn't find any integration yeah I don't know that that's what you did they try to find out that I. I don't know but spigot off my ball. Online online training for backwards running out there as well. And you wearing thinks he can see behind you like act. A rearview mirror but ratchet. I tried the the ice cold air all my training ground but it didn't really work well because he got everything behind me you know. He's somebody running buyer there objects are all buddies get a ground. I I just figured out you know turn might edit it wearable early that the best way to do it at work I. And here's Lauren running for a cause I know that you have a very personal connection. You want and epilepsy Marty raised a ton of money they talk a little bit about the about why Thatcher and your costs. I lost my brother pride at what the people are born and I think that it that it we have the way after suffering out but either that it lady. And so you know the apple community out my dad out so much during the title morning. And I don't want to get back that we idiot and twenty years ago. My debt started raising money for the about the about it and it. And out twelve years old at the assignment we've raised over 350000. Dollar today. So I. Yeah I see that you you're looking to raise a 100000 dollars for for this event your party beyond that you're at 60000. That's pretty good such. Thank yet again yeah it's been a jury that they go. I've received it summit something that it is. Our people what an idiot if it it can be a very the border and so. Some of those that are breaking it sounded very. Very happy about that is that you know I just bet it editor but the backwards right is really really art. If that we wish you well we wish you all the success today running the 26 point two miles and continued success in raising money to get a get ahead of and delete epilepsy. Boston backwards dot com to find that a little bit more about Laura's story into a support him as well and good good luck today and rang out with standing where Britain. Gloria and I am. But yeah exactly. That stuff you mentioned 26 miles running backwards I can't imagine running of forwards. Sound area you have to claim that the coffee makers downstairs I'm upstairs and get our guards.