Bar Soap or Shower Gel

Thursday, April 12th


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Our own system to. After the what's to know who you people off. I was just gonna say the exact same thing you're like a throwback some days are literally I know you want to either not a throwback I think a lot of people still use bar so it feels like you getting deeper clean than the shower gel. I used the dialed either the spring water of the mountain fresh the greener the blue bars because you can actually like. Your skin smells really clean this talent just is currently being water raise your hand if you use barks so. You're in your path and I don't find it in the store and sellable. Or don't. Yeah they do know he's our Josh Howard Joseph I have shower gel as well. I use both but I start by using bar soap and then the Sharon Giles just sort of like a little. It's like good to just a little perfume need. You know to two step process yeah de definitely I've dilute spoke with a shower jump at that first time clock there's so there's three yeah. Unknowingly needs or gel glass aloof to squish it and having Delphi or like I com phony and so be in yeah that ourselves when. He's not my name is RC made a passing comment about something about ourselves in that I definitely. I think in my mother's house so how does she do it ourselves we'll. The issue that I don't I didn't have my bars in a hotel I didn't have my bar and oh yeah them in NICU and all right so what kind of course or do you want to highlight news like that I hung tight yeah anything that has like I like have really. Like stronger cleaning smelled and a shower John on a smelly perfume yet on that clean skinned he's value skating you can you. Yeah ice. Acts like a kid. Right now I want people to call if they use far so good back do you find that's because I don't think. It's a throwback my girls where teenagers they used bars so yeah. Out of turn in the room you brought them up long distances I'd schooled they probably just have to charge out because. They're lazy and. I travel with bar somebody keep our I don't bring it wins may Littleton a host yeah well I bring environment you throw it away you know did you hang onto it took too little too I think a little sliver and I. The storm all awful quick I know how you travel do you put a factor like a little box tickets soggy Noonan on retainer for now I just bring a barn and I leave that. I use it once and I leave us. I sit there you're way these fires yeah. I'm just. And put on FaceBook and people you're gonna you gonna and the people are calling the lions are no I I like I was on a hobby if you use are so I wanted to know I'm not only wanna know these people out there that still by Barcelona a lot of people on social. Bill good way to go. The blacksmith later by the way. I'm we.