Bets For The Big Game

Thursday, February 1st


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I could say I don't even. If we're gonna bet in Las Vegas like over under you know the spread to quit on the game and I think I would not do it now might have had no idea that way now. I magical us exports have been you can bet on just about any aspect of the Super Bowl that you can think of him for this probably few things you couldn't think of the content well. No kidding and this is what I love about it because I wouldn't be able to bet on the spread and all that is so known nothing about how big game you know bet I could bet on like what color pink Caribbean that is actually something people are betting on you can bet on what color her hair will be yes yes when she sings she's singing the National Anthem. And you know pink is always she's accountable on the last couple times she's should live like a platinum blonde but sometimes she'll literally have purple red pink I'd seen Aaron almost every caller of the rainbow hair so people are betting on that they're better and hon what color bill Belichick's but he will be. They're betting on how many times Tom Brady's age Julie mentioned because you know they go off on how does this or any help us will there be a flea flicker which is a type of play where the quarterback gets the ball sort of throws that somebody else I was just gonna Saturday denote a flea flicker is now. Are you gonna do any any any betting on the game Kendra anything new any kid to make it interest income things going on for the for the games we can. I do these back I think pigs gonna do something with green she's an Eagles fan. Yeah December I have looked like the Philadelphia Eagles silicone case Checketts its June traditionally try to make it non Carson I'm. I'll get to make and they can have a fast yeah. I'm totally haven't Jordan's back saying she's her father was a giants player and they play the patsy were giants Jersey I think yeah yeah. The only thing I do is I'd buy squares like when I go to the Super Bowl parties. You know on people have to squares and you can just randomly. Yeah for a buck a square what average you're your name NN and it just you know it's random however that. Score ends up at the end of each quarter and a half you went a little money Lou I did that because it's been yet if you know anything about the games. I was inclined to bet on which quarter of the game the first quarter the second quarter the third quarter the fourth quarter will IE. Spills some guacamole on whatever I'm wearing and have to you know chip with a for the rest of the game. That's my first thought the second half. Yet it doesn't come I want you know what I'm gonna that's not going anywhere yet I'm gonna bet on which quarter you actually start drinking a beer yeah. You don't think you're now hearing about this and get so and I. That drive it anyway no drinking during the entire month of February Super Bowl just happens to be part of it that Isabel you can if you were additions. You wanna get dollars snowman I wanted to put money on an an a putt I'm gonna put money and ten dollars shaking hands we're gonna shake hands ten dollars that pie. The third quarter. You crack I will take up a ladies day out today to go and you can you wanna do more time. Do I think you need to do well this is I want it I want this this bad passes the honor system so you're gonna have to be honest with me. You can text or you can let her know about the she GG I don't I mean these. I'm actually right she we are just some you lose a bit right so yeah okay I'm gonna say ten doctrine and I don't enter into our hair done by the third quarter he'll have. Obvious you are on our justice system that your gonna lose.