Big Little Lies Getting BIG Paychecks

Friday, January 19th


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Yeah 26 it's going to be a busy couple weeks and Harvard Square. Details are mourning shade it's a reporting some tablets. Yes well David we know that Mila Kunis is Harvard's women of the year and now they've named their men of the year. It's actor and screenwriter Paul Ryder. He got the nod from the hasty pudding GAAP tackles because his career has spanned many genres from mainstream films comedies and indie films. I'll get his parade and his pots on February 2. And plus she was an ant man. Plated superhero though he did in one of those marvel things that are really took off but he was Batman right. It TO to come off went this season and then the days of integrates. Well I'm here I. I know I love that about you had a cast of big little lies getting a big not little paycheck after months of will they or won't they HBO finally announced that daddy original cast. A big little lies will return for season two of this series Reese Witherspoon in Nicole Kidman will earn. Around one million dollars per episode but I hear them. Echoes ours they were big winners at the rosy words the first blow Golden Globe to ask a couple of weeks that gap. They're costar is glossary state received major pay bounces I don't think they're gonna be up in the one million an episode range but they'll be doing just fine thank you. And a sag awards are this Sunday David they'll look a lot different this year for starters Kristen Bell will make histories that the show's first ever house called it never had a host. She's gonna do the honors they just didn't give themselves away. But the words at a table and let me put it took what did you think you deserve it no. There's so many awards shows this time of the year but that's not one that stands out to me that the people yeah I. They just had certainly off screen announcer adds that like the pre. Pre produced. In Travis indeed nominees are you know I mean without any way I like Kristen Bell I did too and I think it showed she's a good choice. There are also gonna have all female prison enters this year the big nominees who are the one but that's leading the pack for nominations in terms of film is. Three billboards outside ending adding Missouri which I south. Tenders to allow. I was just it would open the eyes about the only take but she needs. Fairly flexible. What are not many please. For TV shows big little lies low and stranger things to lead the pack for nominations tight on the sag awards though David is kind of interesting this year. Because they air at 8 o'clock and our game the champ AFC championship game will be over conduct at 3 o'clock. But the NFC championship game the vikings Eagles game comes. On after that so I checked in at halftime and dad they're gonna have a little competition this year.