Bob Kraft Is A Dad Again

Thursday, March 1st


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Well we have breaking news out of patriot nation and it's got nothing to do with that Rob Gronkowski or Malcolm Butler or Tom Brady or anybody else. Soon feel enlighten us. This I can barely I can barely breathe are probably I wore out its tight well Robert Kraft it's rumored that Robert Kraft had a baby. With his much younger girlfriends yet it's being reported. The New York Post has it. And it's. It is so shocking to me is the big debate did it's actually the baby was a couple of months ago at this point but it's just sort of being confirmed as I don't understand yeah I guess they're they're saying that she was out of the limelight for awhile so people were thinking that they'd broken up because nobody stopped her for a long time. And now they're thinking that maybe she was staying out of the limelight because she was obviously pregnant and she did appear at the Super Bowl and now they're saying no she's 38 he's 76 of course he has four grandsons. That he actually is the father of. Her new baby congratulations. To you guys are prominent that's when and that's it and getting conflicting yeah you both salute. Because she's. While forty years younger than him is that yeah. The age difference I think I mean he's a great guy he's a very nice guy but I think it's just the age difference and she's my age writes. And I feel like it's just hard for the baby I mean. We all can agree that the baby will be financially well taking a pair of Orange and there's no issues there but. At 76 I just feel bad because you know the child. Well. I know 55 years old and maybe him going to the NASCAR and depict the child up and it's a little I just. People but but yeah I don't. I'm promise and a at all like the guy deserves to be happy 76 she's got other suns I think that might be a little bit when we held as Jonathan Kraft doing well in front of this kid is gonna have orders have late thirties anyway right anyway you know may be celebrities that might be a little strange that Robert Kraft deserves to be happy he's he's I mean we are members whose wife died. Since 2011. We'll he has an energy agency helped him get out of his status run routes and tell my young girlfriend who's forty years is how I mean I think that's what's going on here yeah act. And they've been together for a long time I don't have an issue with that I think they've been together they sent like five years do since very shortly after his wife died and you know I'm sure she's lovely and I think it probably make a lovely couple but I just. It was shocking to me to hear that he has a baby because. Now you have forty year old without. They are being brought to earth has certainly they had eighty grandchildren gonna be the same age as his child older he's Arnold and I'm a little. That's probably why it just makes I guess it makes for an interesting family dining menu you have to I'm gonna. And I have sat him it's OK let's just give a quick plug for the a twelve K de bold is number two exits have to anyone could put a thousand dollars from.