Brynn The Voice

Monday, April 16th


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That's plus six point seven the boys. But live shows tonight we are very very excited to chat with that one of the contestants who's from right here in Massachusetts are lovely young lady fifteen years old. Bring court toll is on the phone with a sore this morning hello Brendan. I bring in hot day thanks for getting up so early to talk with us I know that with the time difference this is very early in the morning for you and I know your schedule is absolutely crazy these days is how credible is the experience you're having right now. You're heading into the live shows. And by the way teen Kelly Clarkson when X. It emphatically don't hear everything by Q are you in. The fact that I made it this far and how it need all the talent is in the schedule me crazy but it's similar forms. And what's it like working with Kelly Clarkson she actually predicted that you could win the hole shall. He seemed increasingly. Can you. So down to earth and so far he is such a pleasure to work with. She's ban on a reality singing competition so it must feel good that she knows. The emotions that are here that your feeling she knows that pressure and the anxiety in all the sort of ups and downs in what you're going through said that must be kind of comforting. I would say more than any other car cute little talk Turkey like. But yeah I don't let our partner apparently look at what you think that the way you looked you know Eric or caddie how big convention of the typical type it on her personal experiences which is something that only she can do you are that can't I'll approach it. I chose US my favorite before I knew that you and I had a connection it turns out we are both from western Massachusetts. Where Matt was asked girls and I know your mom and I know you're on and so now I sort of had taken ownership of view you're like my girl I mean you've done I as the knock out rounds in the the battle in all of those things and you rub against some people who have a lot of experience in -- who are a lot older and you are. I knocked around and I battle where it went against two people that pack of both said they child actors have been in the industry hurt them really long time professionally. That would lead and needing it and you that they. They have are word game and I bit. And can you tell us what you're gonna sing tonight now live shows or is that a secret. I know are and so now I just want to remind people who are listening this is when the live show starts tonight Monday 8 o'clock on NBC on the voice. And this is when the audience we can vote from home. Every other week working back and let are going to perform so that's six and is he one person from each team who have a high note tonight. Well automatically make it into the top twelve about why it is so important to vote tonight because. When he Kelly is going back when the window effort to vote for me start. What do you it Twitter tweeting unpacked tagged for eight playoff bridge and that act could vote and then you can poke at it and time there. That I felt great to get that I. If I get it in 1990 I don't have I don't have to report to get right is automatically make it clear what. You know what here in Boston Burr and we take care of our own we have your back Massachusetts. Own brain cart tally on NBC's the voice tonight at 8 PM. To Anne and cast your vote. Thank you bring and so enjoyable talking to you today.