Celebrity Sightings

Thursday, August 9th


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There are celebrity encounters and then there are celebrity encounters and president of the United States that's that's. But that's a gold ring inside the celebrity outlandish idea. I think south sues over on the vineyard and and a former president Barack Obama and his workmanship on the kids I guess they're evidently over there apparently everybody's over there and this guy would soon take every day I I look at the news is another celebrity. On the vineyard. With misty tab so. Yet I'm Bill Murray and Sylvester Stallone also bars and now has been you know she could come back with flake. Her whole phone better be filled with celebrity pictures and sightings of these people there's no excuse tab and you're listening. Get your phone out. Anybody don't game it soon will find the right now invited to the party so it sort of broadest on the road like celebrity encounters two weeks when you run into a celebrity on vacation it's very different. Think you're outside the stage door it's different when you're in the environment they expect it right exactly but if they're on the beach or Willis Bill Murray to when he was driving a convertible down main street and pull you we are something in the middle of Edgar Cohn yes he was driving in his little convertible and he took kind of a sharp U turn and people at aghast to go into this gas station and the people we gases and how to make comments like. He's Hauser really tight you turn there and he kind of cracked a joke back at them. Yeah and then I'll turn around and looked again and realized up there are gonna start talking badly about this idiot until they realize it's film and then with a bit of course all the employees like. Oh my god we. Shares of any of course he's you know I took pictures about music it's four I don't remember a celebrity you're on vacation just sit out of context of them being a celebrity. I dead and I forgive. Let's hear. Who I ran tenth all you have to Denzel Washington well. Well there's you don't shooting movies go but I was doing I was an extra on the equalizer because it was being filmed in here for a bit when you go win. I mean I didn't see anybody who's just Meehan and into the regular people and they said don't talk to if you CM ABC news cast don't speak to them just sit down eat your lunch and that's that. So I'm sitting in the Delaware house thing we're all eating lunch and all of a sudden this guy just brushes by any disgust me. Is this can I sit here as a seat taken eye hand to guy look at it stem cell Washington. And I go well. I looked around and I like to answer any goes to the united I sit here as a total actually got to sit down and I'm looking around like well I don't mind it. Your tray right next to me are confused looking at my freezer instead of an apples there. And I was so I was shaking and I don't eat Lichen slob just chewed and swallowed chew and swallow that. But now you. Most recent 10 this yeah this was great and was totally out of context it was packed. Some thought I was doing I was at Fenway Park it was not a game night there was a benefit at Fenway Park and I was there and I was loading stuff from my car which is on bogeys to call yucky way into yeah indeed OK and had a bunch stuff on the court I'm going to be going in a couple of the people working on this benefit with an Islamic art. And as them going into the door on the side of Fenway converging on the door is Patrick Dempsey I'll make a great humanity yeah. So and I notice and he's like a one other person and we both kind of walking together and there's all these other people who were in line to do that tore at Fenway Park. That they don't realize it's him. And he and I that and the two other people that were were with us we all coming together but we got to wait there for security to check this involve a buck so we're like two feet from each other. And I do this thing where I was like scratching the back of my neck like my my arm up in the air. Any justice he's turning around and he thinks this is passed. He thinks some waving to them. Oh my god stuff so she goes oh yeah two and as if he knows me any liens writing and she's telling shake me give me that the man hug and stuff. And he gets about this close. And he realizes I'm not who thinks I own my. My god no way but it comes as I go hey you hi how are you and I and he goes hey ga good to see you could see any instantly got so let's not like fled. But he he realized that. I'll I was going on alleged you know you're not the guy that you are any kind of way good to see and turned and off he went oh my god you're gonna pick do you generals now I didn't there was really no time for them. But the two people who did the two women who were with really. Couldn't have introduced does something like that but it happened so quickly on my god that's so awesome I love that he was like yeah. We show I was somebody he thought he knew the if you if you have a story where you run into something especially if you run into them like on the street. At a restaurant Kitna can't get any celebrities like subway or something like that's such a chicken of the six or seven and three of them on the success.