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Tuesday, August 28th


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I'm Nancy krill and today I'm speaking with actor Charles Shaughnessy you may remember from his roles on days of our lives and especially the role of Maxwell Sheffield on the nanny it's nice to talk teach house. Thank that is I thought continue to. So you're coming to the north shore music theatre to perform love letters we Q why it's actress Susan Fallon there. It's a benefit for the Robert F Kennedy children's action corps. That's right in I'd been working with them. For many years. Coming out he kids do something as a sort of that and draw attention and raise some funds but that may elect say is I can't even remember the fact you know as someone mentioned let me go it was a great idea Aaron Susan and I can become and do that. It is going to be September 7 at the notes her music but without a ride from Europe and what's it like to perform with your life. We haven't done it very often we did do. Poverty a couple of years back in Florida does a club. He's a wonderful actress I am and it cannot it is such are great peace for a husband and wife team we're really looking forward to. Different is the stage experience from TV. It's really so different. The preparations different the execution different every night huge sort of settle on this two hour journey. And the audience played such a very important role in the process I mean and those two out it's almost like you're kind of conspiracy between the actors in the audience who are out on TV. It's really just between you and the camera I mean you're working with other actors that is really feel it is just the camera you don't you'd be back. I enjoyed I mean and I. I would hate to not do. Either of the people they which do you prefer night. I really don't have a preference. Well I know that the rfk children's action Curry's near and dear to your heart in in you've been an advocate for this organization for some time. What drug sees to it. Bill itself that if I was going to be trying to put my day so cool so that would seat to use. I would want it to be around kids that are. Members of society is that really the most vulnerable and so I went one year I did that kind doll in the fall. Class with fabricated and it was not about acting as a you know freedom to express my gas and it would it was really so successful. The kids to enjoyed so much and I so enjoyed working with the kids that we did it yeah. And the more times I went on the more so these these kids. For more impressed by laws by both the worker organization does but with the kids themselves. In the proceeds from love letters as we mentioned. We'll help the rfk children's action fund action corps actually. We're gonna do this show. That there's going to be opportunity. I believe could make beat create. They get a chance to meet you and Susan. Yes so where that. Of the great and on the questions about. What did you get about a play about what candidate. CAC does you know where we think this is going to be really fun evening I mean the play itself it's just delightful minutes so. Honey and losing and charming. And tickets are available at the box office or if anyone wants to purchase tickets on the Internet it's an SMT. Dot org of course I have to ask. Any chance of a nanny reboot. Well you know honestly I don't know why that I'd I'd been quoted as saying I don't think it's possible I don't see how you know you could really be food that show and he has burned pretty good immediately the seem to be that Manning bowl. Having said that I've been reading along with everyone else things in the paper that trans been talking about it. I did meet with prime we did have a but not so long ago candle I'll say is. She you know pitched me the idea that Sheehan piece of lip thinking about it and he's come up with something very insistent though you know I think is now at their face so that writing it down pitching hand I'm getting. A network to sign on through it but I I am a lot more credit so that more optimistic. About something happened that night that Iowa. Will fingers crossed in in the big time every. It's yes so in the meantime we'll see you and your wife Susan. At the north her music theatre September 7 for love letters. You benefited the rfk children's action corps is looking forward to in thanks so much Charles Shaughnessy for talking with us today. Fantastic that he's been a pleasure really has.