Chris Has a Newfound Respect for Homeowners

Monday, July 9th


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Lots coming up. He's one of the biggest pop stars in the world and he's now engaged. Good morning it's more magic with the crests. Soon and tender thanks for waking up with us we get all that coming up in just a little bit we get some tickets for you the first. You know every I think everyone has a moment in their life when they have new found respect for their parents right late totally. So I mentioned the last time I was in here and that. Sort of like moving into the house I grew up in writing her which has a giant backyard. And nice. Your hard work something that I always saw other people do little. You know anybody like well yeah and and most of my adult all of my adult life. I either lived in like an apartment in a in Micah highrise building. Or even when I lived in an apartment that was a how's my yard with like you know the size of any attention to paver program a low maintenance yeah. Seoul last night I got home from work as I was on the air yesterday. And I pulled an acid into the grass. I didn't think. So Austin. And how old are. Plus speak my fridge Jack Jack. Think I know and I my dad spending every weekend all week and doing yard work I used to think to myself god just leave anything better to do. I hear like bought us some fun although it's. Well he wouldn't be out of fear all day to bring me. And mowing and planting and and my father would come home from work like after slogging in traffic for like an hour and a half. Half moon and then guilt a mower and it let. Oh my god is an exhausting it isn't enough days now here's my second job committee is never saw myself. Trying to do I want to get grass just keeps it does like I caught it last night you don't it's doing right now sue it is growing yesterday as hasn't. No we it's mocking you. It is mocking me. How tiny what's not. Easiest let's find on moderate and right now. Yeah it's fun lacking because I mean I know I mean I live it every day and now that we're at my parents' house now my husband's leg will know he feels obligated to do my parents want. We our own uncle by our same backyard because we're staying there you know for free for two weeks and right so he feels of course now now that it oh that's hard it always look really easy to meet to weed whack. It is not easy to weed when got to Wear long pants did you get zapped him long pants and like you think it's just this. Firstly unit changed that that the string thing now you know yeah. Nice dislike button you push and it just starts on and off I don't know if you can start on enough everybody has like a little thing almost looks like like fishing why it real something. Fishing line and really thin yet and he gets all could and it gets crumpled up and that's because unlike last night I didn't I am sweating and slotting it bugs I helped my. Grass clippings in Miami. Harris not idea of an all know you know I know let me swayze like I have a plastic I need it on don't get me started you know yeah imaginary honest I. God I wasn't gonna bring this up I wasn't but you know there you go you walked into it tabs you walked right into. She's sitting up and down rice lazy and you can drain right out he's over here in the corner and she's all I know Chris it's terrible cutting the grass and a mile weighing enough. I'll tell ya. You have less to. No we have a landscaper who cuts our yard line once a week they're not our staff. Her husband's allergic to cut grass no he has. I pet him don't I try and. Yeah. I had no god we saw yeah landscape please do is cut our grass not hi how toxic. Every day crooning I know is an and you get a seat amount they're sweating he decides I got the mice team are lower case it's very difficult made it very tough decision difficult and putt on her new caddie has on her new patio and her fancy car and her giant mansion. Not in club do you have a mansion. We can fit this entire radio station in your mind parliament it could just stop just stop and I don't mean the studio I mean the entire sales down a well. But yet what went newfound respect for my parents are.