Chris Inspiration

Wednesday, June 13th


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Well you guys. I've been painting hates Chris its to its Chandra. It's morning magic thanks so much for waking up without some I one reason for waking up this morning. On you guys it's a little different. Because I wrote something out late yesterday I wrote something I'd just like I had one of those moments or I wrote something and outside. This is my reason for waking up this morning. So. I realized something yesterday yes and it's my reason for getting up this morning. Remember to walk away every now and again. My husband and I are moving into the house I grew up and so lately whenever free time I have iceman it's great being wallpaper and sending drive off and pain. In pain and and they are so impressed that my HGTV ministry now. So yesterday having spent all day campaigning and obsessing over every tiny imperfection all the spots where the wall meets the white ceiling and there isn't a clean line every flaw. I figured onion and you start over I thought looked awful. Public terrible. But when Aaron came home. He couldn't have been happier he said it was perfect and you know what he was right. I just couldn't see it until I walked away but he can mean the nature anything I didn't talk to a font or meditate treehouse or anything I just painted. But I did have one of those moments the kind of moments we don't hold on to nearly long enough. The ones that last about as long as a sunrise or giggle or noble from your dog. Or the reassuring embrace of the person who loves you more than anyone on the planet. You'll have those moments in the quiet places though when you walk away when you walk away from the wall and you look again. Because we focus on we don't have we focus on just the flaws miss everything else. We missed the moments where your memory you're lucky to have the dog or see the sunset are here they giggle. To have someone in your life that loves you more than anything. To have some want to remind you that things aren't always as bad as they look up clothes. And much too long looks great. Only. You know you're making me cry and I. Failures such a talented right there. And it's so true. It's just you know and also I have the news on Q I have this horrible habit of like when I've been doing all this work in the house that doesn't help I just put the news on and not in all leave politics out of it don't you channel have all but. I just have an on all the time and is this constant buzz it's late it's like people who live near the airport right lighten. You say oh don't hear the planes and they don't hear the planes anymore but when you've when you stop. An apple yesterday shut the news off right and I just. I wasn't hearing it anymore. And I just was able to. To see that sometimes we look at this one thing and we just focus on Melanie we don't see we don't see the rest of the wall you know right. And you do have to step back and say it all the time it's so funny that you wrote that because I wrote a similar piece about my children saying that. They're like masterpiece is an up close anybody is has flies right at them and and has flaws up close but when you stacked pack you're so unique in your so beautifully you so loud that you step back you know like every. Every person is amassed his Maris I want somebody to discover that my children you know because. They're they're beautiful and in the sum of their parts and you Harris stepped back from that so it's really that's so cool 'cause I I feel the same way here we focus too much and some of our flaws yes I think yeah. Now instead of what that black hole is the end of the hole is generally good.