Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

Wednesday, July 11th


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Got a commercial free hour music all set for you coming up in just a few Mattel's first if you missed it. This morning magic with Chris Su and Kendra we are to stop me about the fact that. Some people looking directly at soon and see me looking better get kind of crazy when people are coming over and she brought over she brought up because. And that's having a friend from college. Who has never been to our house and she's arriving today in just a couple of hours on last night I became. A lunatic and why is it like I wanna know why is it I don't feel like we have to present this level of perfection to people who have never been your own and it's. Would you would you judge somebody like if you can find by did you in my house is not unless it was a completely. Trashed mass immaculate while he lives kind of different but. Yeah what they're like a few things strewn around her. There was some food on the couch and that wouldn't bother me at all big yet when people come to my house it's like we all think that we have to have this perfect. And believe me no peace house is really like that and a day to day basis so we're like it's like this a sign that where that we live Blake. In museums in snow one don't know now people come to your house for the first time it just yeah like yeah right got a bit I don't know how to stop doing it. Yeah it's a funny though if I go to someone's house and I see that you know like I look at their radiator and icu like that it's dusty they have like dirt on the ground via. Michael Huff paint content just like Mickey. Could they can. Bringing a good point it was any other people feel better yeah I only got when I go upstairs I use a bathroom upstairs assuming he's not a downstairs bath yeah whatever. And I take a glance in someone's bedroom in the beds not made there's stuff on the floor. I'd like. Three seats in the bedroom I'm hitting it volatile between us he had spent. Our tomorrow. Our show are no you you don't umpire on purpose and use the upstairs bathroom and then you poke around don't you know how you look at this cute idea I generously look. And I see that it's you know stuff. But you know it effort and yeah the next. When sue invites me her home I'm gonna feel terrible about myself not gonna wanna touch anything. But when you have a story about somebody like a first visit your home right. And Earl I think. Oh my god. That's dressed full and have you met her before this was the first. Home alone. I have high stinking about it. Wait as good as it already happened. And hunting down. Are you okay and of course I'm freaking out because I'm happy. I eat their pocket every. Team out in the country that. Eighteen. You know I thought that I'll remember. She's got it I think you're pretending like I'm actually called you get caught in the I'm acting. All that is another army now what what what's your name. Lisa I would have just embraced it and said this is the new decor were trying to its calls. Just moved in sheet and and I don't know them and it's like we don't have we don't have accident shares we have boxes. Yeah I'm thinking you actually left there thinking that we're quarter. No home now I don't think she yeah. Don't you just moved dry. Yet she takes it light it would just sort of outcome. Yeah he had no food to offer her you can't make dinner CL EK at least as she doesn't think you reporter she just thinks your a messy person. We. Just didn't. Hurt. All. Eyes and in hockey anymore. Hey thanks for call this morning. I. And take away their list is that no one real I mean everything was fine there was no judgment on anyone's part everything went fine and maybe at that at the wedding there will be a toast this says I remember the first time there are boxes around and now that's true to story great story it is a great star power I saw extravagant. Well the story there are it it's slow on 495 northbound from 111 to group to stopping though because of earlier problems there mast pike now in Framingham too great lanes are blocked. At route nine that's tough because an accident there expressway you're looking at about a twenty minute ride ends ends. One southbound still seeing delays to decide to stretch the Tobin Bridge your back to route sixteen. And three north you hung up spread around derby street. And traffic. Dealing with crazy traffic isn't always a choice but he keeps his Nissan intelligent mobility to help navigating now the most exciting take you on is in your driveway go to Nissan USA dot com to learn more weather for today clouds and sun it's gonna start to clear up. As we head into the afternoon 79 for the high clear tonight out of 58 tomorrow. Clouds and sun with a high of eighty. Right now it's 72 and sunny by the Charles River we got a commercial free hour music for you comment opt. The next.