Tuesday, May 15th


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Summertime is here kids but to back in assuming I can do you know back home from school and college it's often that they can do your kids zero arrests now. I got to grips right now from Pennsylvania on her way home which is we get this thing going where we're talking about. What happens in the house how different it is when the kids come back after the summertime. Or when or where they're just off from school yeah don't have anywhere to be in the morning it's so. They stay up so late they get up at the crack of noon and I just am like and now my question is yes you know obviously when there college it's a free for rock. The other coming dollar and all hours. Now the their home for the summer. Also for youthful looks to I don't know lol I feel like I'm gonna give them a curfew and if if I do what is that really your national do it. Tough in college I don't know I had in high school but I graduated college in ten years ago I when I came home it was late. Well you know you really can't be coming home Matt. You know 2 in the morning as it will I live at school alone you know honey I'm home at more than one in Europe on zero. It's so you make the rules do whatever you want and if you its Gina -- at 4 o'clock in the morning pleasure at school and you got a class and more what you got to self. Regulate you have to get up early and you've you've figured that out horrible when you're at home. You don't really have to do anything that when my kids came home from school that I would never see them because they would get home from wherever they were. This is common right yeah they get home too late you'd already go to bad guy got to get up and you go to work and they're still sleep innings afternoon 2 o'clock in the afternoon and cats. And now that they're going to be home I'm just wonder I mean they're both having they both have jobs they're gonna have to get up so there will be some self regulation but I also don't want them coming in two and 3 in the morning. When I have to get that three are well that's yet its lesson they'll expand quality time of them more than you're waking yeah yeah. Lleyton trumpeter on the house but I also worry do you wade do you like I feel like I sleep with one I kind of open until I hear that car command and I'm also not gonna sleep very the ruler. Us is you have to commend to our our. You can you know our room and countless on the shoulder and let us know that your home when a mother and my daughter went to the Red Sox can last night yeah I don't own solutions for a moment. Josh genocidal how different is something natural as she came like 113012 o'clock or something to send them home and our little. That's it I have I'm trying to collect hair natural fit of a shame that they had to walk in and just wait one of the maps and here. That they can like really going to you don't wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and go to that your home right now that a feeling of oh my god where are they might wanna know we should ask people to call. I want to know like what did you people do who have college age kids. Who now come home do you now. Have them live under certain rules or is it just a free for rob because I feel like I shouldn't still some summer house rules I think there's rules but the curfew is for for us anyway it's just one that we by the rules about. For new stuff way and you know turn that into a bit. He managed the things that that sort of follow along with the rhythm of the house and stuff like that occur because of the railway. Ironic took her feel I want somebody called tell me what they do because I don't know what to do now let's continue the conversation 6179311. A success would love to hear from you all have besides cash. All their turf and worry.