Danny DeVito As An M&M

Thursday, February 1st


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Now the man you know what's gonna happen over today nothing. People are getting getting nothing done because. All of the dorm with this thing gets sucked up for people watching Super Bowl ads get on YouTube. Looks like we're brought ads and are still a lot of us as it almost as exciting as the game. Not quite but almost that they did it the last couple years it seems that they release them at a time all week long look at today all of them up a bit ahead of the game certainly you can find out which adds you're gonna wanna see in context and it's almost like a release them on YouTube. And then they do different versions of them that play actually during the games you're more interested in them yes they're just turn it creates an advance hype and of course we are falling for because W and I've been watching them up they'll have to send it did Danny DeVito as the as a referendum that was that was a good one a target and I begin to describe it. It's playing muddy and yeah well yeah I think about if you're gonna have imagined that red Eminem being anybody in human fine I mean if any did negotiate. Spot on I thought it. Right and it via the Pringles one we're just watching that with Bill Hader which looks really really bill hater I just he's got one of those faces I just look at him laugh like there he just he's like Jim Carrey that way he has such a FISA Cali about my keys just. Like flavor stacking these Pringles shopping and it's Vegas so it's like getting big stars TV here or film stars in the ads is still thing. Oh yeah right the we watch the there's does want to really cute premise Alexa if you have analysts electoral loses her voice. And these different. People are filling in for election well to Lex against her voice back which is Gordon Ramsay in my zone on them that it's very very funny. And I think this may be the last that we see of the daily the dog like the Delhi the only thing. Matters of I heard the bud lite sales are down. Canada began and it always used to be like he American beer run oriented now like I needed another craft Beers coming out and staff it seems to be struggling all of a bat that's happening and because I think that Miller Light beacon for the first time in like thirty years or something really number three yes spot last. But the king recorded I mean they did different versions of the ads they did one they took one actually from Minnesota where this liberals going to be they did one for the Eagles. And they did a daily daily four of the patriots and it sounded like. It's a. It's. When Diana makes me want to just throw you must defend bush he's yours. Just accuse it will be a foul play remember it's because they're jealous about really. A few us. Apple is all but lost it rely on the wisdom. And how you see that. Are obviously obviously. Thing. Oh don't be conscience X 41 pound and the lowest possible prices up right after insurance and if you wanna think.