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Friday, April 27th


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Hey Darryl how are you under. It's really great to talk T have been such a big fan for so many years. Before we get to the Holland notes tour with train this summer I wanna talk about. The new song that you recorded his pat Monahan and trained filly forget me not. It's the first new Hall & Oates song in over fifteen years is that right button yes you. Talk about how that came to be. Well it was really sort of a mutual idea between out of and and we just enjoy the tour yeah and he said OK a lot too because we try to work pitiful. And so what we're Gasol. Which so. Sure what. So these ideas and he started throwing ideas. Out he says but this idea you know with spurs won't let go because she's. Is equity guy he understands. It sure that's that's great that's great idea and he sent me a track with. Of course so getting that I sit up let me let me play it was actually qualify. Then I assume you've achieved let me run with the the producers sought the views that. And I've or patted my studio he sang believe. This is spot with us or senator John John's. Yeah I have a record that there. Knowing you collaborate. For his song is it always like that or is each collaboration unique. However these unique I don't I don't really elaborate what you. There is so cool to collaboration. Arkan Bruntlett and somebody just say. You know fitted in a minute and operational and that's how much. That's solid. Or can be something more elaborate but. There's as a city. I think when you've been doing something offers such a long time he it becomes almost second nature to be able to jump right in and do something like that. Well it's all right it's one of those things about it I'm sorry sir I like I like what besides the in my own. Or somebody throws an idea in the number of what that's that's. At all. Well not only are you a songwriter but you're also a performer and you recently performed that song. On your show live from Darryl house that was kind of a special thing you did. Width trained pat Monahan and John notes. It was really upset a lot for BellSouth but it was city it could be confused is that because. We did it at my club which is where we do the show you basically it that's all. And what we are going to be doing at the end of show. We it was sort of our first tried to do is from the people. Or anywhere so it you'll be you'll receive. But he is reaching out during bring it tore. So you've got this tour coming out and actually kicks off may first I was reading end. Then you're gonna be playing here in the Boston area at the XP unity center on June 7. With some preparation goes into. Getting a tour like that together getting everybody together to rehearse and get everything down so that runs smoothly what he what do you do. So the thought process. That starts with me trying to certain we're gonna have won the bill. Then. As well you know it was a real source of its which. I think typically accomplished. And then having said that and then you have to start working which is. When it comes to. Sort of the nuts and bolts which is the white news on all the a work very hard on trying to create a move on mice shows that are very supportive or else. I'd like to make it seem like everybody in the group together. One big rule not not forms onstage audiences for. And about record certain things with staging and lighting things like that to some idea. And there's a bunch. Deciding what. And then brings us in how which as we like to Sacramento which social tour. And we're going to put all of this together in and do reversal. So. There it is and we're borrowed it to that. And then the rest will be history. It's artwork. And a lot of hard work well you've been working hard for it for decades and I was just thinking about this is I was preparing to talk to you the success you've had with John and I was thinking about. How other two lows like Simon and Garfunkel the Everly Brothers Chris Lennon McCartney you know they've had their ups and downs how has the partnership survived. All these years. Well we're we're closer than one of the report were checker which. If we ever separate lives that was so creative lot. Especially when I mean they were together for. What city well failures yet finished. And that that was the end of it I mean John for much much more. You know they were awful and so we decided to incorporate our solo or with a state well. So as that puts us in the unique position. Where we are so Lawrence but we worked there as well so I think that's what does keep. She won't be because we don't put any pressure or they should be but what do you wanna call if all we are ourselves. And we also work out so. That means it's in a good place that means your a good place so. What's the future for Daryl Hall like how how are you going to be approaching your musical career after the summer tour. Well I'm jumping immediately into production. But what else. We have a two year long we're gonna do possibly. Much. Oh that's external that's the best news ever. Yeah so we're gonna we're gonna start doing that in the fall won't be released in the fall was punched a suction and I'm working on a solo project. It'll. Going on and so they were in a more important job as well. But we're looking forward to hearing the work so listen Darryl hi I wanna tell you what a pleasure listed talked human. We look forward to seeing you along with John notes and train June 7. At the XP media center all the best to you on this tour ending in all the other things into doing okay thank you were.