David and Kendra Are Not March Madness People

Friday, March 16th


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Swept up in March Madness come we can do this I am so not mean I like college basketball my husband is selling today. I feel like I am not invited to the big party when everybody's filling out their brackets as he does your husband have been promoting honesty of a bracket or something at work she did he didn't this year but he normally does every year he'll do with Icahn and his colleagues are his friends they'll fill out brackets and exciting news that it was like. Four billion dollars O gets sort of tossed limbs. Even the local papers they print out a bracket in you can when you get your regular paper you can keep didn't do it but isn't it and we should be talking about it if it's illegal but is it technically I it's technically illegal home delivered. Bothers anybody about it and stuff goes on at work almost. I am like this I think because it's such a small amount and it's not like you not yeah winning millions he went and like you know hundred bucks I think yeah maybe four billion dollars forty or fifty dollars at a time. Right but I just think it's so funny that I. I'm so not into the only thing an interest me as it is they're awesome team but that's how I pick that's I would pick my winners when we would do the pool like with any game oh those guys from and a bigger from New England I don't play them. That and it highlights the color of their uniform are the mascot that ethical mascot I'll pick them but you're UMass person you don't do you not love it's been a little oxygen mask on deeper guessed right and I and things like 9596. Of those markets can be in the forehand you know. The they Edgar Padilla and guys and everything but whenever if it's not UMass I'll pick a Boston team or like Rhode Island or you know UNH. I've done there and UConn the women are gonna go all the way. And I have a daughter to Villanova and the men are one of the number once I get a number one yeah number one seed so I got so I'm not I'm not just voting form because they're from Boston but that's about as deep as I got a couple of kids. At Villanova jacket and go to Villanova. Have sent a personal connection for Armenians is right hustling out but but I totally bluff mite that lives and is. Cambodia and go for Villanova they have to be the number when she bragged that beyond them and know nothing and over the weekend I was at something and it was a guy from Providence. Providence Villanova was playing proud that my. And he wanted to go deep bond like. I don't know the three point line and all the settlement in Baghdad on bluffing again tonight. Villanova sight that's all I know until I got into any tuition bill that comes a couple of times easier but beyond that I'm pretty much. Are you qualified. Oh by the way it's totally screws up she's scared. It's all on CBS Soyuz UBS shows juvenile. There postponement of the.