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Tuesday, January 2nd


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On the edge. This is on the edge or it just got. Text update right so you just gotta update them both of them went into surgery minutes ago you have both my daughters having surgery my husband's with them I'm meeting them. Very shortly. I asked I'll be there when they wake up but once having a councils that once having a deviated September correct and we should mention yet this truth it just sort of a happy accident that both happen to be in the exact same time when they needed time to recover before they go back to school so that's why we tried to do it. You know us as soon after the holidays as we could. They're both the same hospital same floor just like literally two operating rooms side by side you get on pretty well I tried to joke earlier on. There are left they're both in this on the same floor like maybe they'll mix them up and one we'll go. I thought oh my god one of those madcap you know the apps that come things but now they sit and in the surgery itself is. They do consulate to meet soaring home for you my baby pretty retain my babies and I'm gonna guide and my husband begged me because I was gonna take today off and go with them for the crap. My husband begged me not to because I'm I just him no good in these situations he so calm cool and collected he woke up this morning 'cause. Girls get out of bed it's and we surgery Dan and got. Just think. What happens to you listen there's so I were you told the death at the emergency room where you were like you were crazy. Yeah. I knew that work you what are your kids was hurt and you were like so my daughter Emma was jumping on her bed and she hit her head on the headboard and she had what I colleague gash at my husband cause a little cotton. I'm and you know a facial wounds leads a lot so there was a lot of blood so we brought it to the emergency round minutes on her forehead and I'm thinking my god. Like she's gonna have brain damage is gonna have a thousand stitches down the front of her face. Like she's I'm literally going bare to the worst hostile place. And so were any emergency room and mama bear comes out and they don't take us right away. Because by the way the ambulances pulling apps so now ride on the street we have real problems so ice I screaming. In the examination. Why hasn't my daughter bit. And she hasn't. Cash. Turns out my husband looks ego sue if there is somebody being revealed in in full cardiac arrest. They go far she's just take until yet and then they ordered me out of the Rome not kidding they didn't. Ask me. They supported me the doctor said we need to remove mother. Isn't that and they exactly like me no timeouts in its share in the hallway he's delighted could come down need to get out so based on that my husband they please to a solid favor him. And do not come right. Until after the child out of that your. Yeah yeah he said they won't even be awake yet just yet you're gonna be a raft. And you're gonna make Barack and I was like no I know I am I am no good in these situations so. I'm trying to hold a two yeah we've got some medication not for the girls but for years just. Take it down a notch or two of the girls are gonna be fun by the red gash I was talking about that I thought I was gonna need thousands did you let. About her five day in about a flat out of the yeah go ahead on the way that not a single stitch. Just sit there at your record is clear in the these matters are going to be just like Ethel. Some 46 we're gonna go commercial free we get into work. And settled in and blew it up with commercial free music which is next thirty seconds away from Alanis Morissette magic traffic when you need it. One more time we checked the driver what's gone. I write everyone is back to work in schools so unfortunately. Not an easy commute out there this morning the expressway you've got about a 28 minute ride. From Braintree into Boston 93 sat him a couple of pockets when company and over explode after wrote to Concord street in man on the brakes pretty solid from Roosevelt circle into the city. 128 northbound we have a left plane accident happened Waltham that's your route when he your stop and go back to route sixteen app kind of route three south point and fact travel call broad and Tobin Bridge now back to the Chelsea current session of good weather center says sun today but snow is on the way for tomorrow night into Thursday it's going to be pie hole boy I mean talking six inches in some spots since the cold between now and then it's. Three degrees in the back the plan that the studious and we go commercial free morning that you often. Today since yesterday's favorite and the most news in the morning magic 106 point seven.